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Google's Blind Type buy will benefit Android users

In what could be a considerable boon for Android users, Google on Friday acquired Blind Type, a San Francisco-based maker of touch-typing software for smartphones.

Written by Katherine Noyes05 Oct. 10 05:10

Android's openness doesn't mean it's less secure

It's a sad fact of human nature that when we're confronted with something different or new, we tend to attribute its success or failure in the world to the feature that most sets it apart. President Obama's legacy, for example, will always be inextricably linked with his skin color; a female executive's track record will often still be seen as indicative of the capabilities of her gender.

Written by Katherine Noyes02 Oct. 10 05:21

5 things Linux does better than Mac OS X

Were it not for Windows' long-standing installed base and overwhelming market dominance, it seems unlikely that anyone would argue seriously for the merit of the operating system, plagued as it is by high prices, security problems and vendor lock-in.

Written by Katherine Noyes01 Oct. 10 09:15

Linux roundup: Fedora 14 gets MeeGo, Madriva is reborn

There's never a dull moment in the land of Linux, and recent weeks have been no exception. Since no outlet can hope to give full coverage to every development that occurs, here's a roundup of some of the key events.

Written by Katherine Noyes30 Sept. 10 08:07

Android app offers new flexibility for IT admins

Information workers are increasingly demanding to use consumer-friendly Android and iOS devices on the job, so it stands to reason that IT administrators would value such flexibility too.

Written by Katherine Noyes22 Sept. 10 08:19

Galaxy Tab to use Chrome OS, not Android?

Samsung's Galaxy Tab may have just barely arrived at the starting gates, but the rumor mill is already gearing up with speculation about what changes may be in store for the wildly anticipated "iPad killer."

Written by Katherine Noyes21 Sept. 10 04:43

Galaxy Tab will soar on Android's key strengths

As the details of Samsung's Galaxy Tab are gradually revealed, it's becoming increasingly clear that many of the tablet's most desirable features derive from its use of Android--or Linux, that is--which, after all, is the basis for Google's winning mobile operating system.

Written by Katherine Noyes18 Sept. 10 23:58

Why Android is good for business

It's lonely at the top, as the old saying goes, and that appears to be just as true for technologies as it is for people.

Written by Katherine Noyes16 Sept. 10 04:25

Firefox 4 revs its JavaScript engines with J├ĄgerMonkey

Microsoft may be on the verge of releasing the public beta version of Internet Explorer 9, but Mozilla has been busier than ever fortifying its Firefox browser with upgrades and new additions designed to keep it ahead.

Written by Katherine Noyes14 Sept. 10 05:01

Linux Wi-Fi gets easier with new Broadcom driver

Wireless chip maker Broadcom on Thursday announced good news for Linux users in the form of a fully open wireless driver that's compatible with the operating system.

Written by Katherine Noyes11 Sept. 10 06:39

'Here You Have' Is a Windows Problem

Every time a virus like the current "Here You Have" worm comes around, people shake their heads, wring their hands and wonder how "computer security" can be improved.

Written by Katherine Noyes11 Sept. 10 10:31

Fact or fiction? Top 8 Linux myths debunked

If the idea of using Linux in your business is one that makes you nervous, chances are you've fallen prey to one or more of the many myths out there that are frequently disseminated by competing vendors such as Microsoft. After all, each Linux user means one less sale for such companies, so they have a powerful motivation to spread such FUD.

Written by Katherine Noyes10 Sept. 10 05:19