Stories by Katherine Noyes

Leak: HTC's New Android Targets Global Business Travelers

An upcoming Android-powered phone from HTC and Verizon will support both CDMA and GSM, according to documents leaked in the past few days by the Federal Communications Commission.

Written by Katherine Noyes09 Sept. 10 05:56

Firefox pushes ahead on Android with Fennec browser

Even as Mozilla's Firefox recently garnered the No. 2 spot in the worldwide Web browser market overall, the software has taken a step closer to staking its claim on the Android platform as well.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Sept. 10 04:19

A guide to today's top 10 Linux distributions

One of the most confusing things for the newcomer to Linux is how many distributions, or versions, of the operating system there are. Ubuntu is the one most people have heard of, but there are hundreds of others as well, each offering some variant on the basic Linux theme.

Written by Katherine Noyes03 Sept. 10 05:34

11 must-have Android apps for business

Now that business users have begun clamoring for Android phones in earnest, it's a better time than ever to take a fresh look at the Android apps now available for enterprises.

Written by Katherine Noyes02 Sept. 10 07:02

Software patents hurt everyone, but especially SMBs

Software patents have figured prominently in the news in recent weeks, thanks not just to Oracle's attack on Google but also--more recently--to Paul Allen's breathtaking multi-victim onslaught.

Written by Katherine Noyes01 Sept. 10 08:02

How to choose a desktop Linux distribution

With all the many reasons to use Linux today -- particularly in a business setting --it's often a relatively easy decision to give Windows the boot. What can be more difficult, however, is deciding which of the hundreds of Linux distributions out there is best for you and your business.

Written by Katherine Noyes28 Aug. 10 04:20

What will Ubuntu 10.10 look like?

When Canonical broke the news recently that Ubuntu 10.10 will include uTouch 1.0, a multitouch and gesture stack, it caused a flurry of excitement about the Linux release's potential for use in tablets.

Written by Katherine Noyes27 Aug. 10 04:53

Chrome patches show the power of open source--and Google

Google's patching of vulnerabilities in its open source Chrome Web browser last week wasn't so much notable in itself; Microsoft, to be sure, is forever issuing patches for the many bugs that afflict its products.

Written by Katherine Noyes25 Aug. 10 04:47

11 free Linux apps your business needs now

Despite the wealth of free applications out there, many small business owners continue to spend an inordinate amount of their all-too-scarce resources on software.

Written by Katherine Noyes05 Aug. 10 05:42

Is Linux really harder to use?

Not surprisingly, the misperception that Linux is harder to use than other operating systems is also one that competing vendors routinely use to scare potential new users away from Linux.

Written by Katherine Noyes03 Aug. 10 08:17

On strengths of Linux, Android will win mobile contest

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, which mobile operating system is fairest of all? That's a common question, given the many contenders in the mobile arena--and the well-publicized glitches that have recently come up.

Written by Katherine Noyes30 July 10 08:23

Enterprise Value Awards - The Process

Enterprise Value Awards judges and review board members overcame logistical challenges to rigorously measure the value of this year's winning systems.

Written by Katherine Noyes05 Feb. 02 11:45

Enterprise Value Awards - Overview

A true assessment of IT value today must include its power to transform enterprises, industries and society as a whole.

Written by Katherine Noyes04 Feb. 02 12:15

So What is IT Really Worth . . .

With the clock running on Internet time, you may think you're too busy to assess the value of IT. But valuation is more important than ever

Written by Katherine Noyes31 May 00 16:02