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Stories by Sue Bushell

Whither the CIO?

Visionary CIOs, other execs and analysts sound off on where they think the role is heading over the next few years — and what CIOs should do about it.

Written by Sue Bushell03 April 09 10:19

Keeping Afloat on a Sea of Change

Expect the CIO role to be vastly different in five years time — and be prepared to adapt if you want to keep your job.

Written by Sue Bushell20 March 09 09:56

De-scarifying Change

Selling change is never easy. Improving your soft skills and learning how to engage people in a direct and personal way can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Written by Sue Bushell24 Feb. 09 12:29

Getting in Harmony with Customers

The technical barriers to achieving a single view of your customers are being eased by a new range of technology, processes and services which fit under the umbrella of customer data integration.

Written by Sue Bushell01 Dec. 08 12:45

Codes of Behaviour

You can’t build a civilised workplace by taking action against one jerk at a time; it takes a reliable set of polices and procedures to battle the problem.

Written by Sue Bushell01 Dec. 08 12:42

Banning Workplace Bullies

A company that tolerates bullying is a dysfunctional company — and that dysfunction is very likely to impact on the bottom line. Here’s how to prevent bullies from damaging your business.

Written by Sue Bushell01 Dec. 08 12:36

Reining in Vengeful Tendencies

In 1997 the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade's most critical IT system, the Secure Cable system, was still partially based on an IBM mainframe commissioned 18 years earlier. Its replacement ADCNET R1 was operational, but unable to do all the work.

Written by Sue Bushell06 Nov. 08 10:38

Vengeance is Mine, Sayeth The Techies

When Terry Childs locked down San Francisco’s data network, it sent shockwaves through the IT world. Think it can’t happen in Australia? Think again . . .

Written by Sue Bushell04 Nov. 08 12:17

Blog: Sustaining Urgency

You can develop a business case that is strong, well thought out and fully supported by all of the facts – in other words, one that is entirely intellectual, which “aims for the head” - and watch support for the project gradually decline as the inevitable difficulties emerge.

Written by Sue Bushell27 Oct. 08 11:14

Increasing e-Government Efficiency

A new report into government Web sites says they frequently present access problems, both at the level of the initial search and the internal navigation

Written by Sue Bushell02 Oct. 08 12:39

Government Risks Losing Its Edge

The federal government may be harming its ability to compete for top talent as it continues to tighten the IT purse strings

Written by Sue Bushell25 Sept. 08 12:31

Blog: Want Power? Say Goodbye to Freedom

Want power and influence in the workplace? You can have it if you’re prepared to court it, but you can forget about freedom if that is what you want, according to management guru Jeff Pfeffer

Written by Sue Bushell22 Sept. 08 14:04

Government Should Adopt US Energy Scheme

A Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA), report recommends that Australia adopt the US EPA Energy Star program

Written by Sue Bushell18 Sept. 08 12:39

Blog: Chewing the Fat

If management 1.0 was forged on command and control and built on hierarchies, management 2.0 is all about strategic innovation and the flattening of corporations in ways that best capitalize on that scarcest of resources: human capital at the top of its game

Written by Sue Bushell15 Sept. 08 15:59