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Stories by Allen Bernard

VDI Technology Better, Faster and Cheaper, But Adoption Still Slow

Virtual desktop infrastructure has come a long way since the terminal service days of the 1960s. Heck, VDI has come a long way since the 2000s thanks to plummeting prices for clients, better graphics cards and improved administration. By and large, though, VDI deployments remain more of a niche solution.

Written by Allen Bernard25 Sept. 13 13:07

Healthcare Industry Sees Big Data As More Than a Bandage

The promise of big data in healthcare--increased efficiencies, better outcomes, more personalized care--is undeniable. How the industry reaches the promise land will happen in many stages, but hospitals and insurers aren't wasting any time getting started.

Written by Allen Bernard05 Aug. 13 14:47

Can Social Media Make ITSM Fun Again?

Social interfaces are changing the very nature of IT service management, with internal toolsets and icon-driven service platforms helping users and IT departments manage the extended enterprise.

Written by Allen Bernard24 June 13 14:14

Meaningful Use, 3D Imaging Drive Health Data Storage Demand

Healthcare providers are under siege by massive amounts of data. This is forcing the industry to upgrade its aging storage infrastructures, architectures and systems. Where that data is being stored may come as a surprise.

Written by Allen Bernard22 May 13 12:47

How Big Data can improve marketing and customer service

Big Data is poised to help marketers reach and engage customers and prospects in ways that businesses are only now starting to understand. Enterprises that don't embrace analytics may soon see embattled customers voting with their wallets.

Written by Allen Bernard13 May 13 13:28

Is converged infrastructure the future of the datacentre?

If the term 'converged infrastructure' (also called integrated systems or unified computing) sounds like a mix of grid, Cloud, utility, on-demand and shared computing services, you're right. However, this complexity doesn't seem to bother customers, especially small and midsize enterprises. But will this trend continue?

Written by Allen Bernard19 March 13 14:07

HPCC Takes on Hadoop's Big Data Dominance

Hadoop is everywhere, but a strong competitor is making headway in the market. It's all thanks to years of production use and a solid big data pedigree that powers the billion-dollar LexisNexis database.

Written by Allen Bernard12 Feb. 13 14:51

How the Social Campus Enables Tomorrow's Workers Today

Collaboration is the key to getting anything done. Social technologies are all about enabling that collaboration. Combine social with mobile and sprinkle in technologies like VPNs and SSO, and the idea of 'social' moves to a whole new level, as two higher education CIOs attest.

Written by Allen Bernard30 Jan. 13 14:38

Social BPM Adds Value for Enterprises and Employees

The next generation of employees expects your business processes to be collaborative. However, don't adopt business process management for just them, though. Move to BPM for your bottom line.

Written by Allen Bernard08 Jan. 13 14:49

Big Data, Cheap Storage Bring In-Memory Analytics Into Spotlight

In-memory analytics, like virtualization and the cloud, is an old idea that's been given new life. In this case, the combination of big data, inexpensive commodity storage and parallel processing make it possible to analyze terabytes of data without slowing systems to a crawl.

Written by Allen Bernard06 Dec. 12 14:05

How Big Data Will Separate Haves From Have-Nots

Walt Hauck, the straight-talking CIO of Dun & Bradstreet, says big data represents a corporate turning point this decade no less disruptive and revolutionary than the Internet in the 1990s. Find out why Hauck thinks the big data 'haves' will thrive while the 'have-nots' struggle.

Written by Allen Bernard06 Nov. 12 13:58

Big Data Leading to New Breed of Service Provider

Big data is giving rise to a new breed of services aimed at helping over-burdened IT departments take on the challenges of data analytics without investing in additional infrastructure. And vendors of all sizes are getting in on the action.

Written by Allen Bernard31 Oct. 12 14:24

Data Scientist Role Is Clear, Even If Job Description Isn't

The data scientist job, as well as the job title, is a mashup of existing expertise that is generally a few steps removed from the everyday realities of the businesses that employ them. Like most mashups, though, this is leading to something equally new and innovative.

Written by Allen Bernard17 Oct. 12 13:49

How to Use Big Data to Stop Customer Churn

Your customer service representative answers a call from an irate customer. "This darn thing I bought just doesn't work!" he exclaims. "I've tried and tried to get help from your service folks, but they're always late and they can't fix it either. I've had it with you guys. I want my money back!"

Written by Allen Bernard27 Sept. 12 16:28