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Stories by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry

New Role for CIOs: Governance for Data Analytics

The CIO's role in IT project portfolio governance is well established. The 2004 book IT Governance, by Peter Weill and Jeanne Ross, captured the benefits of effective IT governance: higher return on assets, investments tied to strategic priorities, greater agility and reduced duplication. The principles of IT portfolio governance served as a road map for CIOs in taming what was often the Wild West of IT spending and decision-making in organizations where investments were not necessarily aligned with business strategies and often led to inflated expenses.

Written by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry29 Sept. 14 23:53

CIOs Need to Learn New Ways of Thinking

In 2013, IT leaders should tap into the latest research about business transformation, collaboration and innovation, say columnists Madeline Weiss and June Drewry.

Written by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry21 Dec. 12 16:47

How CIOs can learn to think like entrepreneurs

To be an entrepreneurial CIO, you'll need to experiment and think about your business in new ways. For example, have you thought about exploiting big data to offer an information service?

Written by Madeline Weiss, June Drewry28 Sept. 12 21:10