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In Pictures: SXSW in photos

A look at the 2013 Austin, Texas, tech festival in pictures.

Written by Zach Miners13 March 13 08:19

SXSW 2013: No new Twitter, but marketing and hardware stand out

South by Southwest Interactive is best known as the technology festival that put such social networking mainstays as Twitter and Foursquare on the map. But if there was a "next big thing" at this year's event, finding it would be pretty hard.

Written by Zach Miners12 March 13 19:20

Slideshow: SXSW in photos

South by Southwest Interactive is such a massive technology conference with so much activity and many ideas being thrown around at once that it can be hard to give an overall feel for the Austin, Texas, extravaganza using just words.

Written by Zach Miners12 March 13 13:54

At SXSW, 3D-printed guns get their turn in the spotlight, too

3D printing's capabilities in art, sculpture and toys have generated considerable buzz at South by Southwest Interactive over the past few days. But one Austin, Texas-based group has a more controversial application in mind: guns.

Written by Zach Miners12 March 13 01:36

SXSW show floor: Beam videoconferencing device takes a spin

Tech enthusiasts at South by Southwest Interactive exploring the exhibit hall's gizmos and apps on Sunday were greeted a little differently at one booth -- the figure approaching them was not a person but a television-sized monitor mounted to a sleek base on wheels.

Written by Zach Miners10 March 13 23:53

At SXSW, techies dish anonymously with GhostPost

Could anonymous chat be the next big thing? At this year's South by Southwest Interactive, the place that helped put Twitter and FourSquare on the map, a fledgling app for anonymous chatting is gaining some traction.

Written by Zach Miners09 March 13 23:46

Marketers wrestle with Facebook's Graph Search

Facebook's Graph Search could be a powerful tool for steering people toward products and services on the social networking site, and marketers are starting to wrestle with the impact it may have on their brands.

Written by Zach Miners09 March 13 02:27

At SXSW, marketing may drown out the next Twitter

This year's South by Southwest Interactive will play host to tech trends in areas as diverse as gaming, artificial intelligence, 3D printing and social networking, but whether the next Twitter will emerge at the conference is harder to say.

Written by Zach Miners08 March 13 01:29

Schools test 'app store' for learning through Gates-funded project

Some school administrators are testing a bold idea to integrate the multitude of systems that are used to store student data, giving teachers a single view of how students are performing and allowing them to better deliver the right learning materials.

Written by Zach Miners08 March 13 00:14

Bill Gates: Schools are at a 'technology tipping point'

The growing use of handheld devices and social media among students is creating a technology tipping point for schools that could completely break down the barriers between teaching platforms within five to 10 years, Bill Gates said Thursday.

Written by Zach Miners07 March 13 19:43

FBI data requests to Google outlined in report

Some thousand-plus Google users have been subject to FBI security information requests since 2009, the company said Tuesday. The data build on Google's already existing tally of government data requests.

Written by Zach Miners05 March 13 21:47

Facebook does damage control after claims of rigged News Feed

Facebook is working to set the record straight following a report suggesting that the site is gaming its News Feed so that people who pay to promote their posts will get more interaction from users than those who don't.

Written by Zach Miners05 March 13 01:16