Stories by Zach Miners

Facebook's News Feed will get a new look

Facebook is giving its News Feed section "a new look" and is planning to reveal the changes next week during an invite-only media event.

Written by Zach Miners01 March 13 19:09

Facebook confirms buying Microsoft's Atlas to boost ad sales

Facebook is buying Microsoft's Atlas Advertiser Suite, an ad analysis platform, in a move that should increase its advertising revenue and give marketers better information about their campaigns across the social network, on both desktop and mobile.

Written by Zach Miners28 Feb. 13 23:59

Facebook shutters Vintage Camera's access

Facebook has blocked Vintage Camera, an Instagram-like photo app, from accessing its API (application programming interface). The move follows the recent blocking of other apps by the social networking giant.

Written by Zach Miners28 Feb. 13 01:56

Who owns that Twitter account?

Noah Kravitz built up quite a following at PhoneDog, a mobile-phone news and reviews website. By late 2010 his @PhoneDog_Noah Twitter account had amassed more than 17,000 followers. That was all well and good, until Kravitz resigned and went to work for a competitor.

Written by Zach Miners27 Feb. 13 13:05

Google cozies up to developers with Google+ Sign-In

Google is making it easier for app developers to connect with users on its social network through Google+ Sign-In, a new feature that allows people to sign into third-party apps using their Google+ credentials.

Written by Zach Miners26 Feb. 13 20:20

Facebook reports Page Insights bugs, fix on the way

Facebook is working to correct a series of technical glitches it recently discovered in its Page Insights service causing erroneous activity data to be reported for administrative pages on the site.

Written by Zach Miners22 Feb. 13 20:10

Google's Page, Brin and Schmidt to testify in employee antritrust case

Google's famed "triumvirate" -- Larry Page, Sergey Brin and Eric Schmidt -- will give oral statements over the coming weeks as part of a private antitrust suit brought against Google and six other technology companies by former employees.

Written by Zach Miners19 Feb. 13 21:44

Google retail stores could be a smart move, analysts say

Opening its own brick-and-mortar retail stores could help Google sell more of its Chromebooks, Nexus tablets and other hardware, analysts said Friday, reacting to online reports that Google may soon be coming to the local shopping mall.

Written by Zach Miners16 Feb. 13 01:52