Stories by Zach Miners

Facebook defends Graph Search's privacy controls for teens

Facebook is working hard to assure users that Graph Search, its new search engine designed to uncover all sorts of information buried within the site, does not compromise the privacy rights of minors.

Written by Zach Miners15 Feb. 13 19:59

Facebook lets users promote friends' posts

Facebook has expanded its promoted posts program, allowing users to pay to highlight posts made by friends. The move, if successful, could help boost fees Facebook collects from the recently introduced service.

Written by Zach Miners15 Feb. 13 00:48

Facebook wins first IPO shareholder case

Facebook has scored an initial legal victory in its IPO case following a federal judge's dismissal of a group of investor lawsuits filed against the company.

Written by Zach Miners14 Feb. 13 21:22

Google updates Google Now, makes it more prominent on phones

Google is rolling out some enhancements to Google Now, a mobile app that gives Android users personalized information on the fly. The changes could help make the tool a bigger part of people's daily lives.

Written by Zach Miners14 Feb. 13 01:47

Yahoo's Mayer says mobile mail is broken

Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer thinks there are problems with checking email on a smartphone, but her company is working on a solution.

Written by Zach Miners12 Feb. 13 23:41

LinkedIn pulls the plug on 'Bang With Professionals' site

LinkedIn has shut off its API access to "Bang With Professionals," a Web service that was intended to facilitate more, say, intimate connections among users of the business-oriented social networking site.

Written by Zach Miners08 Feb. 13 22:59

Hurdles seen to widespread use of mobile payments

Forget fumbling with cash and credit cards; smartphones have long been seen as a way to make in store purchases faster and easier. But several challenges need to be overcome before the technology takes off.

Written by Zach Miners08 Feb. 13 03:04

Panel: Mobile payments could reach $US1 trillion by 2015

Using a smartphone to pay for purchases in lieu of a physical debit or credit card may become a $US1 trillion business by 2015, and some ancillary technologies for consumer engagement could help to make that happen.

Written by Zach Miners08 Feb. 13 00:45

Twitter tweaks mobile app, revamps search

Twitter has pushed out an update to its mobile app that has a new search tool intended to make it easier for users to find relevant content.

Written by Zach Miners07 Feb. 13 00:40