Stories by Zach Miners

Facebook: 76 million accounts were fake last year

All those pet cat profiles add up: Facebook has reported that roughly 76 million of the 1.06 billion user accounts on its social network are bogus in some way or other.

Written by Zach Miners02 Feb. 13 00:54

Yandex's Wonder app latest to be quashed by Facebook

Russian search giant Yandex is temporarily suspending the development of its Wonder social discovery app just one week after Facebook blocked the app's access to its API data.

Written by Zach Miners30 Jan. 13 20:21

Facebook updates developer policy after Vine scuffle

Facebook has updated its policies for third-party application developers in a bid to explain why Twitter's new Vine video-sharing app is unable to access Facebook's friend-finder tool.

Written by Zach Miners26 Jan. 13 00:56

Twitter announces Vine for video

Twitter has announced a new mobile video sharing service, called Vine, designed to allow users to connect through short video clips in a fashion akin to tweeting.

Written by Zach Miners24 Jan. 13 20:00

Government data requests to Google continue to rise

Governments continue to ask Google for more data about its users, with more than two-thirds of requests in the U.S. made through a subpoena, which usually doesn't require asking a judge for a search warrant.

Written by Zach Miners24 Jan. 13 00:47