Stories by Zach Miners

Reddit 'gaymer' group fights back against trademark

A group of Reddit users are arguing in a petition filed with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office that the use of the term "gaymer" to identify their community on the site should remain in the public domain.

Written by Zach Miners23 Jan. 13 20:43

Google's Q4 revenue jumps 36 per cent

Google's fourth-quarter revenue was up 36 per cent from the previous year, thanks to continued growth in its advertising business.

Written by Zach Miners22 Jan. 13 22:01

Google sees one password ring to rule them all

Google thinks it might have found an answer to the vexing problem of forgotten or weak passwords: "physical" passwords, which might come in the form of a piece of jewelry such as a ring.

Written by Zach Miners19 Jan. 13 02:04

Bing beefs up Facebook content in search results

Users of Microsoft's Bing search engine can now see a wider range of Facebook content from their friends appear alongside search results, part of an effort by Microsoft to make the site more social.

Written by Zach Miners17 Jan. 13 23:04

Analysts: Facebook's Graph Search isn't a Google killer

Facebook's new Graph Search tool is not the formidable competitor to Google or Yelp that some industry watchers have made it out to be in the aftermath of Tuesday's announcement of the early stage product. At least, not yet.

Written by Zach Miners17 Jan. 13 01:49