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Stories by Dan Muse

AI takes a seat at the table (and wins)

An artificial intelligence has beaten world-class poker players at their own game, and well-known companies like TGI Fridays and Capital One are starting to harness AI to better serve customers. But smart CIOs should proceed with caution as they approach artificial intelligence.

Written by Dan Muse12 April 17 06:56

Analytics 50: Call for 2017 entries

Drexel University’s LeBow College of Business and CIO.com will again honor 50 organizations that excel at using analytics to solve business challenges. If you have an innovative project, now’s the time to nominate it for an Analytics 50 award.

Written by Dan Muse04 March 17 08:08

Drexel and CIO.com announce Analytics 50 winners

CIO.com and Drexel University's LeBow College of Business first-ever Analytics 50 awards recognize 50 companies that using data analytics to solve business challenges.

Written by Dan Muse27 Sept. 16 09:15

CIO.com and Drexel to honor 50 analytics innovators

The Analytics 50, a collaboration between Drexel University's LeBow College of Business and CIO.com, will recognize 50 of the most innovative analytics executives.

Written by Dan Muse19 May 16 07:36

CIO Quick Takes: Pick your tech buzzword

Buzzwords abound in the tech industry, but we were curious to see which ones stand out to CIOs. So we asked three of them. The answers won't surprise you.

Written by Dan Muse02 March 16 06:54

CIO Quick Takes: 8 IT leaders look back at 2015

We asked eight CIOs what they will remember most about 2015. Some focused on continued transformation, hybrid clouds, ‘shared services’ models, acquisition and IT integration employee retention and even unplugging.

Written by Dan Muse24 Dec. 15 20:16

Making the case for last-minute Christmas gifts

Looking for an affordable gift you can pretty much be certain your friend, loved one, colleague or boss can use? Nothing says, ' I care' more than a mobile phone case. Colors abound, but don't just grab one without thinking of the meaning of the color you choose. Our infographic looks at every angle of picking the right mobile case.

Written by Dan Muse20 Dec. 15 17:46

CIO Quick Takes: How to evaluate startups

With new technology moving faster than most CIOs can train staff and recruit talent, it's obvious why working with startups is an attractive option. But how can IT leaders tell which rising stars will prosper and which will fall? Four CIOs share insight and advice.

Written by Dan Muse09 Dec. 15 18:34

10 amusing ICD-10 codes doctors just might need this Thanksgiving

The updated healthcare coding system is hardly something to laugh about. You certainly won't hear ICD-10 codes recited by Stephen Colbert or Jimmy Fallon, but these 10 diagnostics codes might have clinicians in stitches this Thanksgiving.

Written by Dan Muse25 Nov. 15 20:45

CIO Quick Takes: 3 ways to visualize IT

Communicating the effectiveness of IT projects and the value of your IT strategy can be a time-consuming and even wordy proposition. That’s why these C-level IT leaders are taking a more eye-catching approach.

Written by Dan Muse17 Aug. 15 22:54