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Stories by Rodney Byfield

Why you're not investing enough in IT security

The minute you outsource responsibility or governance of information security to a third party, you tie a noose around your neck and hand the end of the rope to a vendor.​

Written by Rodney Byfield13 Jan. 17 11:49

No room for buggy apps in the corporate world

Earlier this year, Apple announced its App Store had reached 40 billion downloads, and more than $10 billion was spent on iOS apps in 2013. Three billion apps were downloaded in December alone.

Written by Rodney Byfield30 May 14 16:48

How to be a disruptive leader

For many years now, IT leaders have been successfully walking a tightrope – balancing their organisation’s expectations on one hand and the IT service capability on the other.

Written by Rodney Byfield04 May 14 13:02

The PC is one step away from extinction

For quite some time now, mobile devices have competed directly against PCs for market share across enterprises. But it’s no longer a fair fight, more of a total beating thanks to a market that is awash with innovative mobile devices perfect for corporate use.

Written by Rodney Byfield21 Nov. 13 09:36

Why you need to get social

Social media should be the primary way your business communicates with customers and staff for the foreseeable future, argues Rodney Byfield.

Written by Rodney Byfield03 Oct. 13 13:25

Clearing the cloud haze

Rodney Byfield, CIO at Metro Tasmania, has a few pieces of advice for IT leaders weighing up the risks and rewards of cloud computing.

Written by Rodney Byfield13 Aug. 13 09:35