Stories by Evan Schuman

With security awareness, money talks

One problem with what we tell employees about taking security precautions is that the precautions interfere with their jobs.

Written by Evan Schuman10 May 17 21:00

True privacy online is not viable

You can hide from casual observers, but a motivated person will see through your attempts at anonymization.

Written by Evan Schuman21 Feb. 17 22:00

A potentially fatal blow against patent trolls

If law firms think they may be forced to pay defendants’ enormous legal bills, it could undermine the entire business model of patent trolls.

Written by Evan Schuman03 Jan. 17 22:00

Merchant sites open door to Visa fraud

Visa dismisses the issue as a hypothetical attack method — but security researchers tried it and it worked.

Written by Evan Schuman10 Dec. 16 02:13

The FCC’s new privacy rules are toothless

If opt-in agreements can be hidden within T&C documents, consumers will have little choice than to sign away their privacy rights.

Written by Evan Schuman31 Oct. 16 22:00