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Stories by Tim Hornyak

Ink-shooting game 'Splatoon' helps power Nintendo to profit

Japanese gaming icon Nintendo posted a profit for the April-June quarter on Wednesday thanks in part to surging sales of a game in which players can squirt ink all over the place and transform into squids.

Written by Tim Hornyak29 July 15 19:20

Samsung monitor wirelessly charges smartphones

Samsung Electronics thinks it can help unclutter your home with a monitor that can wirelessly charge smartphones and other mobile devices.

Written by Tim Hornyak27 July 15 16:25

Nintendo shutters TVii video service for Wii U

Nintendo is shutting down its video service for the Wii U console less than three years after it began, but few users are lamenting its demise.

Written by Tim Hornyak27 July 15 14:55

Terminator robots still cutting edge

Yaskawa's Motoman robots are still on the cutting edge, 31 years after it terminated the original Terminator.

Written by Tim Hornyak24 July 15 08:36

Line aims lightweight chat app at developing countries

Japanese mobile chat firm Line has launched a stripped-down version of its popular chat app to increase its user base in developing countries, where lower-end smartphones are commonly used and network infrastructure is not as advanced.

Written by Tim Hornyak23 July 15 19:27

Toshiba execs resign in $US1.25bn accounting scandal

Executives at electronics and industrial giant Toshiba resigned on Tuesday after a committee reviewing its earnings said the company padded its operating profit by about ¥156 billion ($US1.25 billion) over six years to the end of 2014.

Written by Tim Hornyak21 July 15 20:30

9 things you didn't know about Google's undersea cable

Undersea cables carry virtually all transoceanic Internet data these days, replacing satellites as the preferred medium. Google and some telecom companies invested in one of them, called FASTER, that will stretch 9,000 kilometers between the U.S. and Japan and is due to go into operation next year.

Written by Tim Hornyak14 July 15 15:36

Here's what it takes to lay Google's 9000km undersea cable

It takes a plow the size of a small house, a robot the size of a truck and a purpose-built ship to install Google's latest oceanic infrastructure project - a super-fast submarine Internet cable linking the US and Japan.

Written by Tim Hornyak14 July 15 13:20