Stories by Fi Slaven

Delivering everything as-a-service

IT leaders should be welcoming the as-a-service revolution as an opportunity to access the right skills, innovation and outcomes.

Written by Fi Slaven06 Oct. 15 11:39

Living the strategy dream

Investing and building a new corporate strategy can't just be about planning or theorising, it also requires a healthy dose of change management and review.

Written by Fi Slaven16 Dec. 14 16:57

How to tackle integration after a merger

The impact of a merger can be minimised by identifying people, communication and change management as top priorities, says Fi Slaven.

Written by Fi Slaven20 Aug. 14 10:23

M&A: Are you ready?

How you can gear up for the changes presented by a company acquisition or merger.

Written by Fi Slaven24 April 14 09:27

Strategise to succeed

Have you ever worked in an organisation that doesn’t have an IT strategy? I have and it was messy. The IT team spent huge amounts of time and effort identifying what the plans were and how they aligned with the business.

Written by Fi Slaven21 Feb. 14 09:45

Get them while they’re young

People are talking more and more about how to encourage young women to enter, remain and gain promotion in the male-dominated IT sector. Now, raising awareness of the issue is a good start but it’s not enough.

Written by Fi Slaven22 Jan. 14 14:33