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Stories by Melissa Aparicio

Build 2015: Windows 10 in 3 minutes

Microsoft wants Windows 10 on one billion devices in three years. Android and iOS developers will now be able to bring their apps and games to Windows 10.

Written by Melissa Aparicio30 April 15 08:45

Hands-on with Sony's new Project Morpheus

Sony's upgraded virtual reality headset has a bigger, faster screen and high-resolution OLED display. Project Morpheus is set for release in the first half of 2016.

Written by Melissa Aparicio11 March 15 08:29

US Navy unveils firefighting robot

SAFFiR is a nearly six-foot tall humanoid robot that can walk across uneven floors, use thermal imaging cameras to detect a fire and put it out with a hose.

Written by Melissa Aparicio06 Feb. 15 08:39

Microsoft enters 3D headset race with HoloLens

Microsoft's Windows Holographic is a 3D imaging and augmented reality system based around Windows 10 and a device called the HoloLens.

Written by Melissa Aparicio23 Jan. 15 08:21

Intel's depth-sensing cameras help drones fly themselves

Intel made a big push for its RealSense depth-sensing cameras at CES 2015. From drones with eyes to avatars in your likeness, Intel showed us what its 3D technology is capable of.

Written by Melissa Aparicio14 Jan. 15 08:33

HTC debuts Desire Eye, a phone for selfies

HTC hopes to make splash in the crowded Android smartphone arena with the Desire Eye. HTC also showed off the Re, its first foray into the camera market.

Written by Melissa Aparicio10 Oct. 14 09:12

Robot bellhop ‘Botlr’ at your service

Aloft Hotel in Cupertino, California, is piloting the use of a robot bellhop to deliver small items to its guests. If successful, Botlr may be rolled out in more locations as early as next year.

Written by Melissa Aparicio26 Aug. 14 08:40

Samsung Gear Live review: Android shrinks for your wrist

The Samsung Gear Live has a vibrant display and convenient phone-free text messaging and note taking, but doesn’t yet offer a compelling feature that improves on how we already use our smartphones

Written by Melissa Aparicio04 July 14 07:37