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Stories by Melissa Aparicio

Startup offers Netflix-like clothes rentals for women

Startup Le Tote is hoping to gain an edge in the world of online retail with a Netflix-like shopping platform for women who want to add new pieces to their wardrobes without buying them.

Written by Melissa Aparicio27 June 14 10:16

Google Cardboard: recycle or reuse?

You haven’t had this much fun with a piece of cardboard in a long time. IDG News Service goes hands on with Google’s quirky I/O gift.

Written by Melissa Aparicio27 June 14 09:09

Nvidia wants to steer its Tegra K1 into driverless cars

Automakers from Tesla to Volkswagen have used Nvidia's graphics chips to power infotainment systems and displays in their cars. Now the tech firm sees an opportunity to expand into another field -- driver-assist technologies and even self-driving cars.

Written by Melissa Aparicio28 May 14 10:04

Driverless cars hit the road at new exhibit

The Computer History Museum has a new exhibit on self-driving cars. As well as Google's latest efforts, you can see what GM dreamed up 75 years ago.

Written by Melissa Aparicio14 May 14 08:41

Tech Tip: How to change the default font in Microsoft Word

If you don't like the font Word automatically defaults to when you open a new document, there's an easy way to change it so that every new document you start has the font setting you want.

Written by Melissa Aparicio10 May 14 11:33

How to organize your browser by using pinned tabs

If you find yourself with 10 or more tabs open in your browser when you're working or doing research online, there's an easy way to organize them by using pinned tabs.

Written by Melissa Aparicio03 May 14 09:13

A look at the world's most powerful X-ray laser

Just down the street from a cluster of venture capital firms on Silicon Valley's Sand Hill Road is the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory, a sprawling, 426-acre site where researchers are pushing the boundaries in physics, chemistry and materials science.

Written by Melissa Aparicio17 April 14 08:52

NASA’s KRex robot aims for the moon

NASA’s KRex is a prototype planetary rover designed for rough terrain. It’s undergoing development and testing for a targeted lunar mission as early as 2018.

Written by Melissa Aparicio14 April 14 09:02

Nokia’s new Windows 8.1 Lumia smartphones

Microsoft’s just-announced Windows Phone 8.1 operating system will run on three Nokia Lumia smartphones coming out this summer.

Written by Melissa Aparicio04 April 14 09:06

Nintendo nostalgia at Game Developers Conference

“The History of Nintendo” exhibit at GDC featured some of the company’s biggest milestones, including the Nintendo Entertainment System from 1985, and a mini arcade with classics like Donkey Kong, Tetris and Pac-Man.

Written by Melissa Aparicio20 March 14 08:35

Sony shows SmartEyeglass prototype to developers

With Google Glass growing in popularity, Sony doesn't want to get left behind. The Japanese company showed off its SmartEyeglass prototype at the Wearables DevCon held outside of San Francisco.

Written by Melissa Aparicio11 March 14 08:34