Stories by Lou Markstrom

6 essential steps for managing vendors

Gartner once predicted that in the future, an IT career will not be about technology but rather managing a range of service providers.

Written by Lou Markstrom22 Sept. 14 16:57

Can you handle change?

The one constant in today’s business world is change. It’s constant, inevitable and unending. The individuals and organisations that will rise to the top of the marketplace are the ones who can embrace, manage and lead change throughout an enterprise.

Written by Lou Markstrom21 Aug. 14 12:17

How to negotiate and get what you want

As an IT professional, you negotiate every day. If you’re launching a new app, for instance, how many times do you negotiate with people?

Written by Lou Markstrom22 July 14 14:49

Marketing IT’s value

Do your clients truly understand what you do? Does the business recognise the value that IT provides or does it simply view you as mere code changers, network fixers, and PC installers?

Written by Lou Markstrom23 June 14 16:11

Building a client-focused IT culture

When you think of good service, what comes to mind? What separates elevated service from the norm? To answer these questions, let’s first understand the difference between customer service and hospitality.

Written by Lou Markstrom22 May 14 16:29

10 ways to become a business consultant

In the first of a series of monthly blogs, Lou Markstrom provides 10 useful tips on how IT pros can gain the consulting skills they need to succeed.

Written by Lou Markstrom22 April 14 13:21