Stories by J. D. Sartain

How RMS Put Its Catastrophe Modeling Software in the Cloud

For much of its 25-year history, catastrophe modeling and risk management firm RMS delivered its software using an on-premises model. The company's modeling software is designed to help customers mitigate financial risk in advance of events such as earthquakes, hurricanes and even terrorist attacks.

Written by J. D. Sartain28 Oct. 14 01:45

Next-Generation Video Surveillance Comes to Maricopa County Sheriff's Office

Video surveillance pops up all over the globe -- and not just to identify suspects in crimes or terrorist activities. Retail stores use video surveillance to record customers' shopping patterns. County governments watch traffic flow for better road design. Schools and corporations monitor classrooms and offices. Police officers now wear body cameras. Video is everywhere, capturing millions of hours of activity.

Written by J. D. Sartain24 Sept. 14 22:48

What Google I/O Moves Mean for Developers, Small Businesses and Consumers

This year's Google I/O Conference showcased an enthusiastic love affair between Android and its fans. Sundar Pichai, senior vice president of Android, Chrome and Google Apps, told conference attendees that Android phones and tablets are everywhere. Android now has 1 billion users who check their phones 100 billion times a day, take 93 million selfies and walk 1.5 trillion steps.

Written by J. D. Sartain05 Aug. 14 23:05

Health apps ready to collect your vital signs

Samsung, WebMD, Apple and Google are all getting into the health application game. The aim is to help consumers see all their health and wellness data in one place – but will all that information be too much of a good thing?

Written by J. D. Sartain16 July 14 09:40

How the Collaborative Economy Will Change the Way You Do Business

The Internet puts the goods, services and expertise you need at your fingertips. Some call it a 'collaborative economy' focused less on transactions and more on trades. Others see a throwback to the early days of economic exchange. Either way, it's quickly changing the way we do business.

Written by J. D. Sartain24 April 14 22:39