Stories by Steven Max Patterson

How Facebook keeps you from hating its apps

Nothing provokes app uninstalls like sluggish performance and aggressive battery consumption. Facebook reveals how it uses mobile device testing to prevent those uninstalls.

Written by Steven Max Patterson14 July 16 04:05

Google CSO peers out from the fishbowl to talk security

CSOs would be wise to follow Google’s security operations and strategies because the engineering resources and scale will illuminate pending threats and evolving defenses.

Written by Steven Max Patterson03 March 16 03:58

Google details its vision for the IoT

At its Ubiquity Summit for the Internet of Things, Google laid out its plans to help developers begin building products for the IoT.

Written by Steven Max Patterson13 Jan. 16 00:17

Intel courts mobile app developers

Developing mobile apps that work on both iPhones and Androids isn’t easy – or cheap. And given the shortage of developers that continues to plague IT, a framework that allows app shops to repurpose code from one platform to the next promises to save both time and money. That’s what Intel is promising.

Written by Steven Max Patterson01 Sept. 15 15:08

Understanding Google's Alphabet structure (think, alpha bet)

Splitting the name of Google's new holding company Alphabet into two – "alpha" and "bet" – may help explain the new business structure that JP Morgan analyst Doug Anmuth called "an elegant way for Google to continue to pursue long-term, life-changing initiatives while simultaneously increasing transparency and management focus in the core business" in a recent report.

Written by Steven Max Patterson14 Aug. 15 03:57

Did Android get a case of Stagefright?

At the Black Hat security conference this morning, Adrian Ludwig, Google's lead engineer for Android security, assuaged fears about the recent Android Stagefright vulnerability reported to affect nearly a billion Android devices.

Written by Steven Max Patterson06 Aug. 15 03:09

Gigabit Internet access grows out of its niche

Google Fiber launched in Kansas City in 2011. It offered gigabit speed at $70 per month and ignited the development of an ultrafast Internet access category that has since spread throughout the U.S. According to Michael Render, principal analyst at market researcher RVA LLC, 83 Internet access providers have joined Google to offer gigabit Internet access service (all priced in the $50-$150 per month range).

Written by Steven Max Patterson25 July 15 02:00