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Stories by Shahida Sweeney

QUT launches robot with better vision and human smarts

Robots that are perceptive and work with better reflexes alongside humans are the next big thing, according to a world-renowned roboticist at the Queensland University of Technology.

Written by Shahida Sweeney10 March 15 11:22

Regional Australia embraces social media

The Commonwealth’s Grains Research and Development Corporation is expanding its social media program for rural and regional communities. This outreach offers agribusiness information and knowledge-sharing in real-time.

Written by Shahida Sweeney30 Jan. 15 14:33

Melbourne joins international business exchange

Global data centre operator, Equinix, is expanding its footprint into Victoria with the soon to be opened ME1data centre that connects local businesses to international hubs such as New York, Singapore, London and Toronto.

Written by Shahida Sweeney05 March 15 11:48

Mobile apps drive WA’s search for minerals

Western Australia is refining its search for minerals and resources using mapping and tracking technology that is tailored for smartphones and mobile devices.

Written by Shahida Sweeney03 March 15 16:04

Western Australia unlocks potential of open data

Western Australia is finalising the blueprint for open government, together with a focus on being “open by default” and streamlining access to untapped data and services.

Written by Shahida Sweeney03 March 15 12:23

Australia lags behind on ICT innovation: NICTA

Australia’s peak ICT research group, NICTA (National ICT Australia) has warned that Australia is lagging behind on building its knowledge capital and investments in innovation.

Written by Shahida Sweeney02 March 15 10:57

Cochlear refines digital roadmap

Australian hearing implant company, Cochlear, is refining its digital roadmap with investments in enterprise content management (ECM) system across core lines of business.

Written by Shahida Sweeney27 Feb. 15 13:56

Social media essentials: what works and why

In the free-wheeling world of social media, where people chat in nano-seconds, finding your authentic voice is a challenge. Learn how to you engage with your chosen tribe.

Written by Shahida Sweeney28 Jan. 15 12:13

Metadata not about ‘big brother’ watching you: AFP

Australian Federal Police (AFP) assistant commissioner, Tim Morris, has moved to allay fears the government’s metadata reforms will involve around-the-clock surveillance of citizens.

Written by Shahida Sweeney25 Feb. 15 09:46

LinkedIn fast-tracks investments in mobility

Professional networks worldwide are being led by a growing demand for mobile communications, as more businesses, consumers and industries leverage anywhere, anytime connectivity.

Written by Shahida Sweeney05 Dec. 14 18:56

‘Digital dragon’ disrupts CIO agenda

Australia and New Zealand’s digital narrative is moving from the sidelines to centre stage. Digital disruption will impact all levels of government, finance, manufacturing, retail or education, says analyst Gartner.

Written by Shahida Sweeney20 Nov. 14 14:31