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Stories by Darlene Storm

MEDJACK: Hackers hijacking medical devices to create backdoors in hospital networks

After the Office of Personnel Management breach, medical data was labeled as the "<a href="http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/06/05/cybersecurity-usa-targets-idUSL3N0YR30R20150605">holy grail</a>" for cybercriminals intent on espionage. "Medical information can be worth 10 times as much as a credit card number," reported Reuters. And now to steal such information, hospital networks are getting pwned by malware-infected medical devices.

Written by Darlene Storm09 June 15 02:31

Are your calls being intercepted? 17 fake cell towers discovered in one month

You wouldn't likely know if you are under cell phone surveillance, but you would if you were about to make a call and your phone displayed an unencrypted connection warning that states, "Caution: The mobile network's standard encryption has been turned off, possibly by a rogue base station (IMSI Catcher'). Unencrypted calls not recommended."

Written by Darlene Storm03 Sept. 14 02:25

Feds issue bulletin warning about malicious 'Google dorking' cyber actors

If you are good at research by using Google searches, does that make you a malicious cyber actor? Of course not, but DHS, FBI and NCTC (National Counterterrorism Center) have issued a bulletin warning about malicious "Google dorking" cyber actors. If using <a href="https://sites.google.com/site/gwebsearcheducation/advanced-operators">advanced search techniques</a> on Google or Bing is considered suspicious, what does that make <a href="http://www.shodanhq.com/">Shodan</a> users who specifically target SCADA, ICS, VoIP, routers, switches, webcams and printers to name but a few?

Written by Darlene Storm27 Aug. 14 02:40