Stories by Glenn Archer

​Why digital government is not about moving services online

Digital government isn’t about how many services are available online. In fact, it’s quite the opposite as the automation of services progressively leads to a decline in the use of online and mobile transactions.

Written by Glenn Archer09 Dec. 15 16:26

​How to create a simple digital government strategy

Developing a digital government strategy is a significant and complex challenge for public sector CIOs, but there are some steps you can follow, says Gartner research VP, Glenn Archer.

Written by Glenn Archer16 Sept. 15 14:51

Government CIOs see expected cloud cost savings evaporate

After comparing notes with my Gartner colleagues on recent discussions with clients, it’s becoming clear that government is rarely realising significant savings from cloud services.

Written by Glenn Archer17 April 15 09:31

Will cloud replace shared services in government?

The increasing availability of commercial cloud service offerings, combined with emerging hybrid cloud models, will challenge the value proposition of shared-service organisations.

Written by Glenn Archer07 Oct. 14 12:13