Stories by Guy Betar

​Shining a light on dark data

You have to love the IT industry – it really does conceive the best new terms, acronyms and buzzwords. “Dark data” sounds like something Ridley Scott came up with for the Prometheus sequel.

Written by Guy Betar04 Nov. 15 11:17

A short guide to privacy law: Part 2

In the first article in this series, I looked at the general requirements of the Privacy Act and provided examples of how your organisation can deal with certain types of breaches.

Written by Guy Betar06 Aug. 15 14:26

A short guide to privacy law: Part 1

In the first of a two part series, Guy Betar looks at your privacy obligations and why they should not be ignored.

Written by Guy Betar15 July 15 14:43

The real risks of moving to the cloud

Control over your data and its security are impaired when you pass it to a cloud provider, says Guy Betar.

Written by Guy Betar26 June 15 14:47

Prepare carefully before moving to the cloud

Most companies are moving applications and systems to the cloud. But despite the attractions of this ever growing infrastructure model, the legal risks are neither widely nor well understood.

Written by Guy Betar18 June 15 13:28