Stories by Ken Terry

Jump-starting population health management

Aurora Health Care, a healthcare system with 15 hospitals and over 150 clinics, has just entered the second phase of an effort to use startup software developers to create the applications it needs for population health management.

Written by Ken Terry20 Aug. 16 01:01

Healthcare CIO slams new Medicare proposal talks to Dr. John Halamka, CIO of Boston’s Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, about his opposition to the health IT aspects of Medicare’s new approach to paying doctors.

Written by Ken Terry17 June 16 23:50

Should hospitals pay up when it comes to ransomware?

Has the recent wave of ransomware attacks aimed at hospitals been a wakeup call for the healthcare industry? Or is this latest security plague just part of the new normal?

Written by Ken Terry28 April 16 21:11

Are healthcare CIOs being cut out of the analytics loop?

The onset of ‘population health management’ as a new model for delivering patient care is underscoring the need for IT leaders to strike the right balance between both clinical and business intelligence, even it means not ‘owning’ the analytics function.

Written by Ken Terry31 March 16 23:13

Big data makes a difference at Penn Medicine

Here’s how one healthcare organization is making use of the massive amount of information – measurable in petabytes – it now has at its disposal to save lives.

Written by Ken Terry08 Oct. 15 15:44

Health IT glossary's health IT glossary provides definitions and information for many terms used in the complex field of healthcare-related information technology and management systems.

Written by Ken Terry23 Sept. 15 19:24

Is ICD-10 healthcare’s Y2K moment?

A massive change is about to hit the healthcare industry. Some are even calling ICD-10 healthcare’s Y2K, only this time it’s real. So why aren’t more doctors ready for it? And why does no one seem to care or even know about it?

Written by Ken Terry22 Sept. 15 16:57

National patient identifier struggles for life

Can the private sector succeed in developing a nationwide health-related ID, despite the active resistance of privacy advocates and Congress alike?

Written by Ken Terry18 Aug. 15 15:23

IT talent shortage hitting healthcare hardest

Healthcare is continuing to experience a shortage of qualified health IT staff that, in the view of some observers, is growing worse. But few healthcare organizations believe that the solution is to lure IT pros away from other industries. In fact, most hospital systems and large physician groups would prefer not to hire any IT person who doesn't have extensive health experience.

Written by Ken Terry30 June 15 23:51