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Stories by Sharon Goldman

How technology is transforming the retail sales associate role

While no one’s denying the power of online retail sales, shoppers aren’t giving up physical stores anytime soon. Here’s how technology’s leveraging the best of both worlds and why success lies with the sales associate.

Written by Sharon Goldman02 Feb. 16 00:00

7 resolutions retail CIOs need to keep in 2016

As online shopping begins to overtake in-store spending, customer demand for a seamless, predictable shopping experience means there’s more at stake for the retail CIO than ever before.

Written by Sharon Goldman05 Jan. 16 14:54

3 ways Wi-Fi can help retailers this holiday season

Sure, it might be a nice perk to give your customers free in-store Wi-Fi access while they’re shopping. But there are a number of ways Wi-Fi can connect to your bottom line, too.

Written by Sharon Goldman08 Dec. 15 14:59

For retailers, confusion reigns after EMV rollout

More than a month after the October 1 deadline, some reports estimate that only a third of merchants have migrated to EMV-capable credit card readers. At the same time, larger retailers say the new standard doesn’t go far enough.

Written by Sharon Goldman16 Nov. 15 15:12

6 tips for a better mobile retail experience

Mobile technology should be a perfect way for stores to enhance the in-store shopping experience for their customers, but far too often it’s clunky and frustrating. Here are six ways to improve the retail app experience.

Written by Sharon Goldman06 Nov. 15 15:26

7 technology lessons retailers learned in 2015

From tech-enabled associates to same-day fulfillment to personalization, retailers have had a lot of valuable tech takeaways this year.

Written by Sharon Goldman19 Oct. 15 15:13

5 cutting-edge retail technology trends

You may not think of your local department store as a hub of innovation. But technology drives almost every step of the retail experience. Here are five ways some companies are tapping emerging to provide ever more value to their customers.

Written by Sharon Goldman06 Oct. 15 14:53

4 tech tips to guarantee holiday success for retailers

Retail sales are predicted to hit new highs this holiday season. But staying on top of technology issues might mean the difference between success or failure when it comes to competing for those shopping dollars. Here are a handful of ways to ensure retailers are ready.

Written by Sharon Goldman29 Sept. 15 15:58

Inside one fashion retailer’s creative cloud collaboration

Retail brands and stores have challenges most other business never have to deal with, not least of which is a massively diverse customer base with fickle tastes and a penchant for ‘I want it now’ consumerism. Here’s how one company is using the cloud to stay a step ahead of its demanding clientele.

Written by Sharon Goldman18 Sept. 15 15:02

Retail CIOs become heroes with the help of CMOs

In the highly charged atmosphere of retail, CMOs are always looking for the next shiny new thing. But aligning more closely with the CIO may be the key to meeting the demands of today’s demanding consumers.

Written by Sharon Goldman24 Aug. 15 15:28

Retail CIOs must balance security with innovation

When Home Depot and Target experienced large-scale security breaches on payment systems in 2014, it hit those top retailers hard: Criminals stole millions of consumers' debit and credit card data; the companies lost hundreds of millions of dollars in fines and lost sales; and their brand reputations suffered.

Written by Sharon Goldman06 Aug. 15 00:24