Stories by Ben Kepes

SuiteWorld 2016 -- what to expect?

For more years than I care to remember I've been making the annual trek to NetSuite's user conference. What am I expecting to see this year?

Written by Ben Kepes14 May 16 05:35

Data visualization vendor Zoomdata raises $25 million

As organizations increasingly want to draw insights and understanding from the plethora of data available to them, the market for smart analysis and visualization is blooming.

Written by Ben Kepes17 Feb. 16 08:22

Peak IoT platform? Filament raises $5M

Another day, another announcement of fundraising for an IoT platform. Venture capitalists just love following each other, don't they?

Written by Ben Kepes18 Aug. 15 14:38

DCHQ Releases Docker management product into GA with 35 enterprise users

<a href="">DCHQ</a> is a startup building software for enterprises using Docker for application deployment and lifecycle management. Founded by MIT graduate Amjad Afanah, who formerly managed application automation offerings for <a href="">VMware</a> and cloud management solutions for Oracle, DCHQ is looking to fill a very important space: while every forward-looking IT department on the planet sees containers in general and Docker in particular as the way forward, there is a lack of mature management tools with which to keep everything in check. True there are a number of different products looking to fill space, but there is no dominant player, or group of players, as yet.

Written by Ben Kepes14 Aug. 15 04:04