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Stories by Bruce Harpham

How the Internet of Things improves air travel

Let’s face it: These days, flying is the pits. Here are some ways the industry is using IoT technology to make the friendly skies a little friendlier.

Written by Bruce Harpham24 May 16 23:45

Making the case for in-house data centers

With seemingly everything moving to the cloud these days, it’s important to know when setting up your own data management center can still be the right decision.

Written by Bruce Harpham20 April 16 21:32

How data science is changing the energy industry

As with many industries, big data science is transforming the energy vertical, providing insights into cost reductions in down markets and allowing oil producers to adjust to market demands in boom times.

Written by Bruce Harpham07 April 16 21:00

Is outsourcing IT worth the compliance risk?

While the feds have certainly put hurdles in place to prevent abuse, outsourcing IT in a highly regulated industry like banking may very well lead to higher standards and quality outcomes.

Written by Bruce Harpham30 March 16 21:55

How social media adds value to CRM

If CRM platforms want to connect with front-line sales and marketing staffers, tapping into social signals is not a ‘nice to have,’ but a ‘need to have’ feature.

Written by Bruce Harpham23 March 16 23:08

ERP software gets a makeover

Can typically staid ERP software take a page from leading consumer apps when it comes to improving usability?

Written by Bruce Harpham17 Feb. 16 23:19

What did we learn about cybersecurity in 2015?

Cybercrime is always a hot-button issue, and last year was no different. What lessons can we learn from some of the more insidious trends and events to better prepare ourselves for the year ahead?

Written by Bruce Harpham04 Feb. 16 23:22

How IT supports sales at 3 large companies

Sales are the lifeblood of any business. And IT can play a pivotal role in what happens before and after the sale – that’s what happening at Salesforce, Northwestern Mutual and DocuSign.

Written by Bruce Harpham26 Jan. 16 22:53

How CIOs can ensure M&A projects pay off

Not only do CIOs have an important role to play in the due diligence leading up to a merger or acquisition, their operational expertise can contribute directly to a company’s balance sheet.

Written by Bruce Harpham15 Dec. 15 15:35

Are your IT certifications killing your career?

There is no shortage of ways to advance your career, or your earnings potential. Racking up a bunch of certifications is one of them. But be careful it doesn’t have the opposite effect.

Written by Bruce Harpham27 Oct. 15 14:58

How the CIOs of 4 Fortune 500 companies got their jobs

CIOs of Microsoft, Verizon, AT&T and United Technologies share how they reached the CIO office. Your mission: Study their experience and learn how to follow in their footsteps.

Written by Bruce Harpham13 Oct. 15 15:55

How the Internet of Things is changing healthcare and transportation

Far from being a gimmicky way to collect more data on customers – and sell them more things – IoT technology has the power to transform industries, manage costs and deliver quality outcomes to up and down the supply chain. Here’s how two industries are doing just that.

Written by Bruce Harpham08 Sept. 15 14:44