Stories by Jenny Beresford

Fight corporate atrophy: Hack your way to digital transformation

What’s the most powerful force in the universe? Scientists would argue that it’s black holes, gamma bursts, self-replication or intelligence. For CIOs, the answer is different. Inertia is the most powerful force that CIOs face today as change agents.

Written by Jenny Beresford13 March 19 16:52

Beware of fatal pitfalls as a new CIO

It’s your first day as the new CIO. You may know what probably needs to be done, but you don’t yet know what and who you don’t know.

Written by Jenny Beresford30 July 18 09:39

​Keep on exploring the digital frontiers

Technologists are today’s explorers and inventors at heart. I think that’s why we never tire of adventuring into the unknown … into the wild digital frontier.

Written by Jenny Beresford21 Oct. 16 10:13