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Lenovo, NetApp team up vs. Dell EMC, HPE on storage

Lenovo and NetApp have jointly developed flash storage, plan sales cooperation worldwide and created a joint venture to capture storage and data management business in China.

Written by By Marc Ferranti17 Sept. 18 20:00

Dell EMC puts big data as a service on premises

To get up and running on a self-service, big data analytics deployment platform efficiently, many IT professionals these days would likely think of a cloud service. But not so fast -- for big data applications, the public cloud can be more expensive and slower than on-site private cloud solutions.

Written by By Marc Ferranti13 Sept. 18 01:35

HPE places a US$4b on its edge-network portfolio

HPE's pledge to pump billions of dollars into developing edge systems shines a light on the company's ambition to be the leading end-to-end computing infrastructure provider.

Written by By Marc Ferranti20 June 18 09:09