Stories by Lilia Guan

Solar startup CTO sees value in partnerships

Despite the government's pro-coal stance, Paul Liddell CTO at Redback Technologies, a developer of battery storage for solar panels, says its customers get a huge kick out of not having to use “coal power from the grid."​

Written by Lilia Guan09 May 19 16:42

The interim CTO for startups: Kostas Vlassis

Being passionate about supporting fast growing start-ups and building high-performance agile teams, keeps Kostas Vlassis from taking a permanent position within a large enterprise organisation.

Written by Lilia Guan08 May 19 15:13

Can CIOs retool IT to fit into a robotics world?

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is flourishing in Australian industries, with 72 per cent of businesses claiming RPA has saved more than 50 hours per employee, per month.

Written by Lilia Guan08 May 19 08:30

Data boom creates demand for specialists

In the age of the fourth industrial revolution, data science and analytics roles have emerged as pivotal as organisations use their data to gain a competitive edge.

Written by Lilia Guan03 May 19 09:00

Cyber security not just IT's problem: McAfee

IT security professionals are still struggling to fully secure their organisations and protect against breaches, according to a new report.

Written by Lilia Guan01 May 19 13:26

Digital skills now considered 'standard' for any role: Hays

Just one in three Australians are aware of the latest digital trends related to their job or industry despite employers viewing regular upskilling as the norm for anyone who wants to stay relevant in their role, recruitment firm Hays has found.

Written by Lilia Guan01 May 19 12:12

Government invests $5M in pain assessment app

PainChek has welcomed the government’s plan to invest $5 million to help implement its pain recognition app across residential aged care centres.

Written by Lilia Guan30 April 19 10:47

Aussie businesses losing over $60M in email scams

Local organisations are being targeted by sophisticated ‘business email compromise scams’ with reports of losses to Scamwatch and other agencies exceeding $60 million last year.

Written by Lilia Guan29 April 19 10:41