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Stories by Lilia Guan

Finance CIOs must review security controls now

Tech chiefs working in financial services must immediately assess their current security controls to ensure they comply with cybersecurity requirements set out by the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA), says NCC Group's Joss Howard.​

Written by Lilia Guan18 April 19 14:59

Microsoft injects funding into Aussie AI projects

Microsoft has offered support to six Australian artificial intelligence projects, taking its AI for Earth funding initiatives to US$50M around the world.

Written by Lilia Guan18 April 19 12:23

AI shapes a new generation female IT leaders

Artificial intelligence (AI) is bringing a fresh approach to the old ways of thinking in the tech sector which will help shape female leaders, says Karolyn Gainfort, an advisory committee member for Woman in AI.

Written by Lilia Guan17 April 19 14:00

Artificial brains installed on NSW trains

A fleet of Sydney’s Waratah trains have been fitted with intelligent software created by Downer EDI and Microsoft Azure teams to keep track of vehicle maintenance and other data-based decisions.

Written by Lilia Guan16 April 19 06:00

Dominos serves up a slice of tech innovation

Technology is playing a central role in Domino's growth strategy - it's what helps the pizza retail giant stay ahead of the competition and expand into regions like Europe, from its Brisbane headquarters.

Written by Lilia Guan11 April 19 15:47

Financial institutions inefficient in handling data

Data distribution is fraught with inefficiencies across the financial services sector, exposing companies and customers to financial, regulatory and commercial risk, according to research.

Written by Lilia Guan11 April 19 11:40

Business units dominate IT spending: study

Business units are now the major drivers behind technology spend in Australia and New Zealand, causing business-wide integration challenges at unprecedented levels, an IBRS study has found.

Written by Lilia Guan08 April 19 16:17

Bank of Sydney hunts for CTO

The Bank of Sydney is on the hunt for a chief technology officer. The new CTO will be reporting to the bank’s CFO and will be responsible for leading and driving tech strategy.

Written by Lilia Guan03 April 19 16:17