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Stories by Al Sacco

6 things Samsung Galaxy S6 does that iPhone 6 can't

Samsung and Apple are the undisputed kings of the smartphone world, and both own right about 20 percent of the global market, according to recent research from IDC. Apple and the iPhone beat out Samsung and its seemingly endless array of handhelds in total sales to end users for the first time during the final quarter of last year, thanks in no small part to the white-hot market reception of both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Written by Al Sacco03 April 15 07:33

Hands On With the New Samsung Galaxy S6, GS6 edge

Today, Samsung officially announced its two latest smartphones, the Galaxy S6 (GS6) and Galaxy S6 edge, at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. I couldn't make the trip to Spain for the company's big fête, but I did meet with Samsung last week in New York City, where it detailed both new devices and gave me hands-on time with them.

Written by Al Sacco03 March 15 07:07

Galaxy S 6 Designer Says GS6 Phones Are 'New Face of Samsung'

Last week, Samsung held a small press event in New York City to brief members of the media on its two latest smartphones, the Galaxy S 6 and Galaxy S 6 edge, ahead of today's official device launch at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

Written by Al Sacco03 March 15 07:05

BlackBerry Classic Review: A Killer Smartphone for Keyboard Lovers

If you're still using a BlackBerry smartphone with a "physical" QWERTY keyboard, or if you've switched platforms but still harbor fantasies about a return to the good old days when you didn't spend as much time cursing your on-screen keypad as you do typing on it, the BlackBerry Classic is the smartphone you've been waiting for.

Written by Al Sacco19 Dec. 14 07:48

6 Things Nexus 9 Does That Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Can't

Ranging from budget devices with basic functionality to cutting-edge tablets for gadget lovers, the world of Android tablets is packed with options. With so many choices, it's challenging to decide on the best tablet for you or someone on your gift list.

Written by Al Sacco13 Dec. 14 06:41

6 Things Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 Does That Nexus 9 Can't

The world of Android tablets is packed with options, ranging the gamut from budget devices with bare-bones functionality to cutting-edge, feature-packed tablets for the true gadget geek. With so many worthy choices, it can be a challenge deciding on the best tablet for you or a loved one.

Written by Al Sacco13 Dec. 14 06:40

IBM, Apple Release 10 New iOS Apps for Enterprise

This morning, IBM and Apple announced the availability of the first set of 10 IBM Mobile First for iOS apps for iPhones and iPads. The partnership between enterprise heavy IBM and consumer king Apple was announced in July. Their first set of apps is designed for use in industries including telecommunications, transportation, financial services, retail and airlines and government.

Written by Al Sacco11 Dec. 14 02:54

Video Look at the Upcoming BlackBerry Classic Browser, Apps

BlackBerry's most recent smartphone release, the Passport, was a notable departure from its traditional device design -- and that was a good thing. The Passport stands apart from the pack because it is so unique, for better or for worse.

Written by Al Sacco05 Dec. 14 05:19

Woz Talks Smartwatches, Apple Watch at DEMO Fall 2014

On Wednesday, Apple cofounder and Silicon Valley idol Steve Wozniak took the stage at the DEMO Fall 2014 show to tout his new company, Primary Data, a startup that will focus on data virtualization for enterprises. Wozniak, or "Woz," is the company's new chief scientist, and he left his previous role at Fusion.io, where he held the same title, to join the new venture.

Written by Al Sacco20 Nov. 14 08:46

A Must-Have Galaxy Note 4 Accessory for Business Travelers

Back in January 2013, BlackBerry gave me its first BlackBerry 10 smartphone, the Z10, for review. It also gave me a "reviewer's kit" composed of a number of accessories: a case, screen cleaner cloth and a "battery charger bundle," among other things.

Written by Al Sacco11 Nov. 14 03:09

30 Ways Google Glass Could be Used for Education (and 2 Reasons it Won't)

Australia's Open Colleges, an online education organization that says it has educated more than 700,000 students and which boasts "more than 100 years of experience in distance learning," recently published an infographic to spotlight 20 potential uses of Google Glass in the education world.

Written by Al Sacco04 Nov. 14 02:51