Stories by Steve Ulfelder

The Boston IT Party

The city's CIO has a tall order: uniting the tribes through information technology.

Written by Steve Ulfelder08 Oct. 01 10:30

The Dirty Half-Dozen

Six ways IT projects fail - and how you can avoid them.

Written by Steve Ulfelder10 Aug. 01 09:00

Oh No, Not Another O!

There's plenty of hype about chief privacy officers, but some say their main function is PR. Is that such a bad thing?

Written by Steve Ulfelder07 March 01 10:36

Market Muscle's mission: to give small companies power to buy online everything needed to run a business.

Written by Steve Ulfelder15 Dec. 00 11:56

All the Web's a Stage

Once dominated by U.S. surfers, the Web's user population has taken a decidedly global tilt that creates imperatives for e-businesses looking to grow.

Written by Steve Ulfelder13 Oct. 00 10:33