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Stories by Jonny Evans

Jonny Evans: Microsoft, the wallflower

The choice of Satya Nadella as CEO suggests that the consumer-market party is over for the company, as it turns its attention to the unglamorous world of infrastructure.

Written by Jonny Evans05 Feb. 14 12:28

2014: Does Apple still look doomed?

Don't be fooled by the company's rocky 2013. There are strong signs that it has turned the corner.

Written by Jonny Evans30 Dec. 13 10:52

Let's put a brake on the real snoopers

The outcry over the NSA/GCHQ Internet surveillance scandal can't hide the fact that huge corporations won't say what they know.

Written by Jonny Evans11 Nov. 13 14:06

Jonny Evans: Technology is sexist

The number of women working in technology is far below the percentage in the workforce at large, and enrollment numbers suggest that improvement isn't imminent.

Written by Jonny Evans31 Oct. 13 16:08

A CFO's Take on This BYOD Thing

For one thing, understanding the business drivers and workforce demands is vital before defining the next-generation desktop roadmap.

Written by Jonny Evans18 Jan. 12 16:40

How do we put a value on a future invention?

In the great quest to measure any company's essential value there's one big question we try not to think too much about: How do we put a value on invention, or, to be more specific, a value on future invention?

Written by Jonny Evans12 Jan. 12 11:53

12 for '12: Tech Trends to Jolt a CFO (Part One)

You are an executive. You're driven by what you do and give 110%. You care about your company. That's good. Now as we shake off the post-party season blues, itʼs time to take a moment to think about what will be worrying you this year. Here are 12 tech topics -- in two installments, starting with a half-dozen today -- that should turn your hair just a little grayer in 2012, Year of the Mobile Enterprise.

Written by Jonny Evans12 Jan. 12 11:51

Apple and Samsung: What's behind the patent fight

Samsung took a step toward finding a kind of "pax tabletica" with arch-foe Apple in an Australian court last week, offering to remove features from its Galaxy Tab to avoid a court ban on sales of the device in that country. But what's really interesting about the case isn't the technical litigation, but the underlying attempt to define how much of a product's design is actually protected under existing, fragmented international laws.

Written by Jonny Evans06 Oct. 11 05:45

Apple's hot sales take it to top 5 handset makers

Despite an Android onslaught, "antenna-gate" and "glass-gate", Apple has managed to design its way into the top five handset makers for the first time, bouncing Sony Ericsson out of the game as the Cupertino firm enjoys growing mind-share.

Written by Jonny Evans30 Oct. 10 03:46