Stories by JR Raphael

10 must-have tools for Cloud power users

For many of us, the Cloud has changed the way we work and play. Thanks to well-known services like Gmail, Dropbox, Facebook and Instapaper, practically our whole lives - photos, documents, contacts and more - are online. So isn't it time to take control?

Written by JR Raphael08 Dec. 11 03:06

Stupid hacker tricks: Exploits gone bad

If the Internet is the new Wild West, then hackers are the wanted outlaws of our time. And like the gun-slinging bad boys before them, all it takes is one wrong move to land them in jail.

Written by JR Raphael24 Oct. 11 21:12

The Web vs the world: 9 epic battles

Is the Internet ruining our lives or making them better? When you consider epic struggles like these, it's hard to say for sure.

Written by JR Raphael01 Sept. 11 14:08

Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1: Slim and sexy

In the realm of Android tablets, standing out from the pack is becoming an increasingly challenging task for manufacturers. With its new Galaxy Tab 10.1 device, Samsung has managed to set itself apart with a quality few have achieved: sexiness.

Written by JR Raphael10 June 11 05:21

Apple's iOS beats Android? Not exactly

Have you heard the news? Despite every analysis we've seen over the past two years about Android dominating the mobile market, Apple's iOS is the biggest mobile operating system by a landslide.

Written by JR Raphael20 April 11 08:57

Google +1 = Social overload

I'm not sure how to say this, but I'm starting to think I might be antisocial.

Written by JR Raphael01 April 11 09:25

Google adds site-blocking option to search

Ever wish you could keep certain sites from showing up in your Google search results? Thanks to a new feature being rolled out right now, you can.

Written by JR Raphael11 March 11 09:39