Stories by JR Raphael

Android Honeycomb: Powerful, but not perfect

Honeycomb is a whole different beast from the Android we've come to know. While previous versions of Google's mobile operating system were built for smartphones, Honeycomb -- also known as Android 3.0 -- is the first to be designed specifically for tablet-size devices. And seeing it in action, it certainly shows.

Written by JR Raphael05 March 11 06:26

Motorola Xoom: To buy or not to buy?

To buy or not to buy? That's the question right now as the Motorola Xoom, Google's first Android Honeycomb tablet, gets ready to make its grand debut.

Written by JR Raphael24 Feb. 11 01:59

Google Chrome 8: What's new, and what's next

The blogosphere may be buzzing about Google's Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store this week, but Google itself is focusing on its original Chrome product: The Chrome Web browser.

Written by JR Raphael03 Dec. 10 10:21

What Google's NFC Android phones will mean for you

Grab your hoverboards, gang: The next generation of Android phones is on the way, and it's going to feel a bit like something out of Back to the Future II.

Written by JR Raphael17 Nov. 10 10:21

Google Instant Previews: A hands-on tour

Finding yourself short on time and/or patience? Good news: Google's got a little something new to make your next Web search even speedier.

Written by JR Raphael10 Nov. 10 10:30

Unlock Android's multimedia muscle

A pop quiz: iPhone is to iTunes as Android is to what? If you're coming up blank, there's good reason.

Written by JR Raphael29 Oct. 10 00:34

Skype for Android: A disappointing debut

The headlines sure sound exciting, but hang on: Skype's long anticipated Android debut is no cause for celebration.

Written by JR Raphael06 Oct. 10 11:13

Android now ties iPhone in consumer interest

One year ago, if you told an average person you were thinking about buying an Android, they'd have thought you were some sort of robot-mongering madman.

Written by JR Raphael01 Oct. 10 10:10