Stories by JR Raphael

6 ways to type faster in Android

Smartphones are meant to make our lives easier--or at least more connected to people we want to communicate with--so why does typing on them sometimes seem on a par with performing root canal surgery?

Written by JR Raphael17 Aug. 10 00:27

Stupid mobile tricks: 7 stories of smartphone horror

For a device with "smart" in its name, a smartphone sure can help you do a lot of stupid things. Whether it's racking up thousands of dollars in international roaming fees or encouraging dozens of eye rolls with your misrouted voice dialing -- I'm looking at you, guy who calls Ben O'Lynn in accounting every time he means to call Bennigan's for lunch -- our modern-day mobile devices provide plenty of opportunities for tech-tinged embarrassment.

Written by JR Raphael06 Aug. 10 07:52

6 Strange Ways to Make Money Online

Who needs a part-time job when you can get paid for seeking out smut, selling your hair, or sending text messages?

Written by JR Raphael10 June 10 08:32

Android invasion: The next phase begins

Writing about <a href="">Android</a> can sometimes feel like writing science fiction. So forgive me for saying the following:

Written by JR Raphael20 May 10 08:50

Google Closing Its Nexus One Web Store

Google's groundbreaking model for selling Android phones from a single Web site is about to become history.

Written by JR Raphael15 May 10 03:28

The 50 Riskiest Cities For Cybercrime

Ready the Bat-Signal, Seattle: You are officially the most dangerous city in America when it comes to cybercrime. According to the folks at Symantec, anyway.

Written by JR Raphael23 March 10 09:33

Apple's iPhone takes a hit

Apple may be touting the release of its iPhone OS 3.1.3 update, but new research shows the iPhone is actually starting to slip when it comes to smartphone market share.

Written by JR Raphael03 Feb. 10 12:27

Apple's tablet and the media hype machine

I heard a rumor that everyone's sick of hearing rumors about the Apple tablet. I hate to speculate, but I'm pretty sure this one is true.

Written by JR Raphael27 Jan. 10 12:12