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Stories by Chris Yates

The project management conundrum

When I was in short pants, there was a great TV show called The Magic Boomerang. The sizzle for this show was that there was a boomerang from the Dreamtime which, when thrown, would stop time except for the person throwing it. The premise was then blatantly stolen for the film Clockstoppers, where once again teens could stop time via ‘hypertime’ watches and get up to all sorts of cheeky hi-jinks.

Written by Chris Yates10 Sept. 11 11:16

Life after being a CIO

Is there life after being a CIO? That was the question posed to me by my good friends at CIO Australia as I return to the world of consulting after my very enjoyable three and a half years at Tennis Australia.

Written by Chris Yates23 March 11 09:54