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Stories by Stephen Lawson

HP's McKinney lays out dual tablet plans

Hewlett-Packard will use Windows 7 in a tablet exclusively for enterprises, while making a consumer-oriented unit based on WebOS, Personal Systems Group executive Phil McKinney confirmed Wednesday at the annual AlwaysOn Stanford Summit.

Written by Stephen Lawson29 July 10 06:41

AT&T now patching flaw that slowed iPhone 4

AT&T is patching software in its network to fix a bug that kept iPhone 4 users from getting the full upstream speed on their handsets.

Written by Stephen Lawson27 July 10 04:48

Cisco may call home TelePresence 'UMI'

Cisco Systems may be planning to give its consumer TelePresence system the friendly sounding name "UMI," according to a trademark application made last year.

Written by Stephen Lawson26 July 10 03:34

Dell to acquire storage vendor Ocarina Networks

Dell announced Monday that it plans to acquire Ocarina Networks, a maker of hardware and software designed to reduce the amount of storage capacity enterprises need, for an undisclosed sum.

Written by Stephen Lawson20 July 10 09:46

Motorola deal may end mobile-gear consolidation

Nokia Siemens Networks' acquisition of most of Motorola's cellular networks business may be the last move in a long game of consolidation in the industry, which has been hammered by price pressures.

Written by Stephen Lawson20 July 10 10:22

Google now selling its last shipment of Nexus Ones

Google, which broke mobile industry practice last year by offering the Nexus One smartphone for sale exclusively on its website, has received its last shipment of the device for online sale.

Written by Stephen Lawson17 July 10 08:32

Open mobile still on the way, AT&T's Donovan said

The ideal mobile ecosystem is still one that's partly closed, such as the iPhone App Store, but the trend is toward greater openness, AT&T Chief Technology Officer John Donovan said Monday.

Written by Stephen Lawson13 July 10 05:34

AT&T blames iPhone 4 slowdown on Alcatel bug

Heavy demand for upload capacity from the iPhone 4 has exposed a flaw in the software for Alcatel-Lucent's 3G network equipment, temporarily forcing lower upstream speeds for some AT&T subscribers.

Written by Stephen Lawson08 July 10 05:26

EMC to acquire data analyzer Greenplum

EMC plans to acquire Greenplum for an undisclosed sum and form a new division around the privately held company's data warehousing technology.

Written by Stephen Lawson07 July 10 07:22

Motorola details breakup plans

Motorola this week gave more details of its planned reorganization, saying it will spin off its mobile devices and home products business into a new entity called Motorola Mobility.

Written by Stephen Lawson03 July 10 05:16

AT&T reaches settlement of old billing claims

AT&T and lawyers representing class-action plaintiffs have reached a proposed settlement of lawsuits over billing by AT&T Wireless before 2004.

Written by Stephen Lawson03 July 10 07:34

HP closes Palm deal, confirms WebOS tablet

Hewlett-Packard on Thursday finalized its acquisition of Palm and confirmed it will use the company's WebOS in future tablets and netbooks.

Written by Stephen Lawson02 July 10 04:18

HDS offers a storage cloud in your data center

Hitachi Data Systems is preparing to offer cloud storage that even cloud-averse enterprises might accept: It resides in the customer's own data center.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 June 10 05:00

Cisco energy management can now span enterprise

Cisco Systems on Tuesday announced the Cisco Network Building Mediator Manager 6300, a platform to manage all the systems in an enterprise that consume energy, across all the organisation's facilities.

Written by Stephen Lawson30 June 10 04:25

Rackspace cloud chief predicts enterprise caution

Most large enterprises won't move their established applications on to cloud services for years but are embracing the technology for new projects, the head of Rackspace's cloud business said on Thursday at the Structure 2010 conference in San Francisco.

Written by Stephen Lawson25 June 10 05:43