Stories by Jennifer O'Brien

Syed Ahmed: Leading the ‘digital transformation’ charge at Bupa

When other little boys were inventing superheroes, obsessively playing sports and developing street games, 8-year-old Syed Ahmed was mesmerised by programming. No doubt, Bupa’s head of digital products and operations was a natural-born business technologist right from the start.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien27 May 16 10:18

Australia an economic crime ‘hotspot’: PwC

A new survey paints a gloomy picture for Australian organisations, which were found to experience cybercrime at double the global rate, with 65 per cent attacked in the last 24 months compared to 32 per cent globally.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien18 May 16 14:26

Government e-invoicing review gets tick of approval

An Australian e-invoicing project predicted to transform the national economy with an estimated $7-$10 billion annually is set to undergo a detailed Cost and Benefits Study on widespread government adoption.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien12 May 16 13:11

CSIRO cuts ‘degrade and tarnish’ agency: Senator Carr

​Shadow minister for innovation, Senator Kim Carr has denounced the Federal Government’s latest cuts to the CSIRO, describing the axing of 275 jobs and the closure of critical climate research programs as "degrading".

Written by Jennifer O'Brien11 May 16 15:39

In pictures: CIO roundtable: How CIOs can drive digital transformation through the business

Being a CIO in today's rapidly-changing world isn't easy. Business and technology pressures are pushing you to adopt the cloud; mobilise your workers; and digitally transform the business to improve customer service using new technologies like big-data analytics. The pressure is on to not only do it all at once – but to be sure you do it all securely and cost-effectively. A group of thought-leaders gathered at a luncheon, sponsored by HPE, to discuss the transformation.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien10 May 16 09:42

CSIRO’s Data61 and Treasury join forces to examine the blockchain

​CSIRO’s Data61 and the Federal Government Treasury have teamed up to examine the implications of adopting ‘blockchain’ technology - a move that could enhance the services of both government and industry, and deliver significant gains for the economy.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien04 May 16 12:16

NEC scoops biometric contract from CrimTrac

Federal Government agency, CrimTrac, has awarded NEC Australia a five-year national contract to deliver biometric services including facial recognition and fingerprint matching capability in a bid to boost crime fighting measures.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien02 May 16 14:48

Australia passes anti-spam bill

The Australian Senate has given the final nod of approval to the Spam Act 2003 following a move to nix Labor and Democrat amendments in the House of Representatives earlier in the week.

Written by Jennifer O'Brien03 Dec. 03 12:22