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Stories by Dahna McConnachie

Windows 7 enabled netbooks for schools to include open source software

The 267,000 Windows 7 based netbooks that the NSW Government has started rolling out to high schools will come pre-installed with open source software. The initial roll out that began today will see the 70,000 Year 9 students in NSW schools have a Windows 7 enabled Lenovo IdeaPad S10e by the end of this year.

Written by Dahna McConnachie26 Aug. 09 15:37

Australian Mint invests in technology

The Royal Australian Mint may be in a heritage-listed building, but there will soon be nothing old about the technology. The Mint has been going through a refurbishment and modernisation program that has involved it moving from two buildings into one and significantly revamping its technology.

Written by Dahna McConnachie26 Aug. 09 07:00

Robots make the coins go round downunder

Australia's currency is now largely managed by a six-meter tall, 8000kg robot, which was put to work at the Royal Australian Mint in March this year as part of a general technology overhaul and refurbishment.

Written by Dahna McConnachie20 Aug. 09 22:00

A-Z of Programming Languages: Scala

A Twitter developer has said that Scala could become the language of choice of the modern Web 2.0 startup. LinkedIn also uses the language. So do with many other big corporate names including Sony Pictures, EDF and SAP. Martin Odersky tells us about Scala’s history, its future and what makes it so interesting.

Written by Dahna McConnachie18 Aug. 09 11:32

Australia leads the way in IPv6 adoption: OECD

Australia is one of the countries leading the way in IPv6 adoption, according to an Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) report which calls for more network operators to follow its lead as IPv4 is running out.

Written by Dahna McConnachie14 Aug. 09 12:26

Australia the pricey country for mobile broadband: OECD

Mobile broadband users in Australia pay more than in any other Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) country according to a new report released by the organisation, which measured mobile broadband usage of the 30 member countries in three brackets: high use, medium use and low use.

Written by Dahna McConnachie13 Aug. 09 09:38

Mind mapping keeps Defence projects on track

Mindjet’s MindManager software has helped an LES consultant increase productivity by up to 60 percent and deliver successful projects to the Defence Force and other clients.

Written by Dahna McConnachie11 Aug. 09 16:29

NBN will cause a social tipping point: Senator Kate Lundy

The National Broadband Network (NBN) will give the Government the incentive it needs to invest in the digital sector, according to ACT Senator Kate Lundy who spoke at a Wikimedia event in Canberra today.

Written by Dahna McConnachie07 Aug. 09 12:50

Red Hat pushes certification program amid Linux wave

Linux vendor Red Hat is pushing its certification program and looking to recruit more training partners in light of its ten-year anniversary and increasing Linux uptake.

Written by Dahna McConnachie06 Aug. 09 07:36

New Linux-based technology to make ‘smarter’ GPS

Sick of having your GPS tell you to turn the wrong way up a one-way street or lead you to a dead end? Fear not: Linux-based technology developed at NICTA is on its way to help make personal navigation systems more accurate.

Written by Dahna McConnachie06 Aug. 09 07:51

Environment dept greens up IT and sets trend

The Department of Environment, Water, Heritage and the Arts (DEWHA) last month appointed a new IT services provider in a bid to green up its IT. Although it is the first Australian Government IT services tender specifying a green focus, this will be a growing trend according to Datacom Director Mark McWilliams.

Written by Dahna McConnachie28 July 09 15:07

ICT lobby groups: time to give the NBN some spin

Now that the first towns to be connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) have been announced, it is time for the government and the ICT industry to work on promoting the rollout, according to two Tasmanian ICT lobby groups.

Written by Dahna McConnachie29 July 09 11:56

NICTA opens its software to the world

Research organisation National ICT Australia (NICTA) has stepped up its support for open source software by launching the OpenNICTA portal where people can view and download software developed and licensed by the organisation.

Written by Dahna McConnachie16 July 09 08:25