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Stories by David Taber

How to choose the best Salesforce consultant: 25 key questions

When vetting vendors, references are essential. But with Salesforce consultants, and cloud consultants in general, a deeper screening will ensure you hire the best for your project. These 25 questions will help.

Written by David Taber25 July 17 20:00

6 things to look for in a cloud consultant

How do you separate quality cloud consultants from the clowns? If you don't have a screening checklist in place — and let's face it, you probably don't — this short list of behaviors and policies is a good place to start.

Written by David Taber25 April 17 22:47

A tale of two user experiences

The perception of software quality will be forged in the first 90 seconds. Don’t let your users experience what I had to go through.

Written by David Taber01 March 17 01:37

Anatomy of a cloud project cost overrun

A handful of areas in cloud integration projects produce cost ‘surprises’ with alarming regularity. Recognizing the pattern is the first step in solving the problem.

Written by David Taber07 Feb. 17 02:13

13 tips for managing the data in Salesforce.com

When family is visiting for the holidays, you need to have a credible ‘urgent project’ to keep you in blissful solitude. Here’s what I did over my Christmas vacation.

Written by David Taber12 Jan. 17 01:33

The 11-point audit for your Salesforce.com system

For most companies, December is the end of the fiscal year. And for business-critical systems, that means lockdown for any system enhancements. How are you going to spend your spare time? Here’s an audit you should be doing on your Salesforce.com system to get ready for next year’s projects.

Written by David Taber06 Dec. 16 02:04

5 Dreamforce takeaways to guide your CRM strategy

With 170,000 attendees, 2,100 sessions and 500 vendors, the signal-to-noise ratio at Dreamforce 2016 was pretty low. Now that the dust has settled, here’s what’s worth knowing.

Written by David Taber21 Oct. 16 01:37

Has your cloud consultant gone crazy?

You might not have noticed it, but cloud implementation consultants and contractors have been acting increasingly stupid over the last couple of years. If you think this doesn’t affect you and your project, you’re wrong.

Written by David Taber12 Sept. 16 23:33

How to tell if you have a 21st century sales team

In many industries, the revenue generation function — sales and marketing — is the single biggest cost of running the business. Yet it’s also the most unreliable. That’s why tightening up the business processes with CRM systems is so important to profitability. Here’s how to tell if your company’s revenue generation process is up to modern standards.

Written by David Taber09 Aug. 16 20:30

4 ways to make agile and waterfall work together

In theory, the two methodologies don’t mix. In practice, they almost always have to. Here are four tactics to make these opposites work together.

Written by David Taber09 July 16 01:16

Why political candidates can't do agile

It’s voting season, and we all know how candidates for office act. They have to be light on their feet, but their behavior is anything but ’agile‘… and their habits would destroy any agile project. Once you’ve absorbed that idea, substitute the word ’executives‘ for ‘candidates.’

Written by David Taber09 June 16 23:24

How to handle a zero-day attack – from lawyers

We all know about zero-day attacks. But what about when the zero-day attack is in the form of a subpoena or other legal notice regarding the data in your CRM system? Don’t panic.

Written by David Taber08 April 16 20:47

This data will kill you

In your CRM system is data that is, in the immortal words of Douglas Adams, “mostly harmless.” But hidden in your system are puff adders, violin spiders, and other small creatures that can be deadly.

Written by David Taber24 March 16 21:54

How to fix a broken CRM pipeline

To misquote Tom Lehrer, your company’s sales pipeline is a sewer: What you get out of it depends on what you put into it.

Written by David Taber06 Feb. 16 00:38