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Stories by Keith Power

Veni Veni Vici

It wasn't so much 'I' as 'we' when marketing and IT combined forces at Veritas to not only sell a global Web site but conquer business inertia

Written by Keith Power10 Nov. 03 12:03

Can You Deal with IT?

Whether it's business or personal, no relationship survives in the long term when one side's the clear winner and the other the loser

Written by Keith Power14 July 03 13:19

Where Has All the Training Gone/?

If truth is the first casualty of war, training, it would seem, is the first casualty of an economic downturn. For while the ongoing training of one's IT professionals may seem like an investment in an organisation's future and even a strategic necessity given the pace of technological change, according to Gartner research director Steve Bittinger, education and training services are not a high priority for many organisations

Written by Keith Power11 June 03 13:02

Cultural Divide

Nurturing a corporate culture that supports your business goals is an ongoing, painstaking process. But if you don’t invest the effort, you could be short-changing your company’s bottom line.

Written by Keith Power11 April 03 12:40

Modus Operandi

Strategic planning seems to have taken a bit of a holiday in recent times, especially in the private sector where many listed companies are so concerned about their future that they do not bother to think beyond the next quarter results. However, according to John Smyrk, a strategic planning consultant and principal of Sigma Management Sciences, it is a mistake to think of "strategic" purely in terms of time frames.

Written by Keith Power09 Dec. 02 12:13

A Sound Idea

International expansion into the US and Europe had resulted in a host of different platforms in the three regions - all unable to communicate with each other. It was clear Cochlear needed a new global IT infrastructure with a common application and architecture across its operations.

Written by Keith Power09 Oct. 02 09:45

Watch It!

According to the 2002 Australian Computer Crime and Security Survey, 70 per cent of Australian organisations increased their expenditure on information security in the 12 months prior to the study being conducted. The survey was produced jointly by AusCERT, Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu and the NSW Police Service, and its findings may well reflect how prominent security has become in the minds of chief executives and boards, especially since September 11, 2001. However, to be effective the right person, at the right level in the organisation, needs to be in charge of information and systems security, and this has not always been the case.

Written by Keith Power06 Sept. 02 10:30

CFO: Friend or Foe?

Much has been written about the supposed "disconnect" between IT executives and CEOs. "An acute state of misunderstanding caused by differences in training, temperament and tradition," is how Charles Wang, founder and then chief executive of Computer Associates described it in his book Techno Vision (McGraw-Hill, 1994).

Written by Keith Power08 July 02 11:15

Like Clockwork: Orange

Since gracing the cover of CIO magazine in October 1998, Michael Young has undergone title, role and responsibility changes, followed by a change in company and industry. However, while Young's 10-year career at CIO level has been synonymous with change, his forthright views, especially on the relationship between IT and business, remain constant

Written by Keith Power08 May 02 12:00

Made in India

Offshore outsourcing is no longer an emerging trend - it's a regular practice for some companies. But what makes the difference between sinking and swimming when you send key projects overseas?

Written by Keith Power06 Feb. 02 12:15

Retails Well Told

Keith Power talks to the former CIOs of US retail giants Wal-Mart and Lowe's about the benefits their IT strategies delivered.

Written by Keith Power26 Nov. 01 10:00

With Liberty & E-Gov for All

At the city, state and federal levels, the government's embrace of information technology is empowering citizens while at the same time driving forward the national agenda for standards, innovation and computer literacy.

Written by Keith Power10 Oct. 01 15:30

Change in Perspective

Announced in 1996, AMPlus, the IT alliance between AMP and then Andersen Consulting, was hailed as an "engine of transformation" by then CEO George Trumbull. Today, AMP is minus the "plus" and going it alone - welcome to IT@AMP

Written by Keith Power08 Sept. 01 11:00

Mission Accomplished

In 1998 Wayne Saunders joined Southcorp as its first CIO, with a mandate to transform the multinational's IT department into a business-driven, service-based entity. Three years down the track, CIO revisits Saunders to find out if whether it was a Mission Impossible or a . . .

Written by Keith Power10 Aug. 01 09:00