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Stories by Martin Heller

How to choose a database for your application

From performance to programmability, the right database makes all the difference. Here are 12 key questions to help guide your selection

Written by Martin Heller11 Nov. 19 22:00

Semi-supervised learning explained

Using a machine learning model’s own predictions on unlabeled data to add to the labeled data set sometimes improves accuracy, but not always

Written by Martin Heller29 Aug. 19 20:00

Unsupervised learning explained

Unsupervised learning is used mainly to discover patterns and detect outliers in data today, but could lead to general-purpose AI tomorrow

Written by Martin Heller07 Aug. 19 20:00

Supervised learning explained

Supervised learning turns labeled training data into a tuned predictive model

Written by Martin Heller19 June 19 20:00

Reinforcement learning explained

Reinforcement learning uses rewards and penalties to teach computers how to play games and robots how to perform tasks independently

Written by Martin Heller06 June 19 20:00

Machine learning algorithms explained

Machine learning uses algorithms to turn a data set into a predictive model. Which algorithm works best depends on the problem

Written by Martin Heller09 May 19 20:00

How to select the best self-service BI tool for your business

Domo vs. Power BI vs. Qlik Sense vs. QuickSight vs. Tableau: Self-service BI has become the go-to tool for agile, fluid business decisions. Here’s how to select the right platform for your business.

Written by Martin Heller31 Oct. 17 21:00

6 cloud cost management tips

Looking to avoid monthly cloud sticker shock? A cloud cost management strategy that makes use of containers, capacity pre-purchases and more will help you contain runaway cloud spending.

Written by Martin Heller26 Sept. 17 20:00

10 signs you’re ready for AI — but might not succeed

Not every problem can be solved by machine learning, and not every company is poised to apply AI. Here’s how to know whether your IT organization is ready to reap the benefits of artificial intelligence.

Written by Martin Heller29 Aug. 17 20:00

10 hot data analytics trends — and 5 going cold

Big data, machine learning, data science — the data analytics revolution is evolving rapidly. Keep your BA/BI pros and data scientists ahead of the curve with the latest technologies and strategies for data analysis.

Written by Martin Heller07 Aug. 17 20:00

What deep learning really means

GPUs in the cloud put the predictive power of deep neural networks within reach of every developer

Written by Martin Heller06 Feb. 17 22:00