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Stories by John Fontana

Microsoft: Cloud revenue to hit in a couple years

Microsoft plans to invest heavily in its cloud platform but expects to see little revenue for two to three years, Bob Muglia, the president of the server and tools business, said Tuesday.

Written by John Fontana24 Feb. 10 08:39

Microsoft juices Visual Studio with secure coding tools

Microsoft Tuesday said it will deepen ties between its Visual Studio development tools and the secure applications development processes first developed inside the company and now available to outsiders.

Written by John Fontana03 Feb. 10 08:46

Microsoft exceeds goal of 5000 layoffs

Microsoft has more than made good on its plan from a year ago to eliminate 5,000 positions by the middle of June 2010, the company reported as part of its quarterly 10Q filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Written by John Fontana02 Feb. 10 03:03

Free not such a bad description of software, CIOs say

Free is becoming a popular form of software for CIOs, with nearly two-thirds of companies using it on their desktops and with applications, according to a new survey.

Written by John Fontana28 Jan. 10 10:45

SharePoint 2010 overkill for some, Forrester says

Despite platform improvements coming in Microsoft's SharePoint 2010 server, the software is likely to be overkill for users seeking to meet isolated and specific requirements, according to a study by Forrester Research.

Written by John Fontana28 Jan. 10 03:53

Lotus sets off on 'Vulcanizing' next-gen collaboration

IBM/Lotus Monday hinted at its collaboration future by unveiling an ambitious plan called Project Vulcan that exists in concept only but is aimed at a wholesale integration of collaboration tools regardless of whether they run in the cloud or on corporate networks.

Written by John Fontana20 Jan. 10 03:51

Microsoft's Ballmer: We’re staying in China

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said the company is staying in China even though rival Google is talking about pulling out following a cyber attack on its systems.

Written by John Fontana15 Jan. 10 14:44

Lotus gets open source infusion from Alfresco

Alfresco Wednesday said it would ship this spring software to integrate its content management software with the lineup of IBM Lotus software, notably Lotus Quickr.

Written by John Fontana14 Jan. 10 10:47

Ballmer's 10 years with Microsoft and the Internet

Ten years ago on Jan. 13, 2000, Microsoft's Bill Gates turned over the CEO reins to Steve Ballmer, who emphasized then that the Internet would be the target for much of the company's new software development efforts.

Written by John Fontana14 Jan. 10 09:01

VMware to buy Zimbra to bolster cloud computing push

VMware is poised Tuesday to further redefine its cloud strategy by buying Yahoo's Zimbra open source messaging business in order to expand its stake in the platform-as-a-service market.

Written by John Fontana13 Jan. 10 05:30

Microsoft's 2010 task: Make the cloud clear

For Microsoft, 2010 is a platform building and marketing year with no less than the future success of its cloud strategy hanging in the balance, according to observers.

Written by John Fontana21 Dec. 09 17:34

Microsoft's history with the Tablet PC

Microsoft's demonstration Wednesday of "Slate PCs" made by HP, Pegatron, and Archos is by no means its first attempt to help develop such a form factor. The Slate PC seems to be identical to a Tablet with only the name changed. In fact, the Tablet PC has long been a pet project for Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who showed the first Tablet PC prototype in 2000 at the now-defunct Comdex trade show in Las Vegas.

Written by John Fontana08 Jan. 10 12:10

Novell, MSI team on first SUSE Moblin-based netbook

MSI and Novell will ship in February the first netbook based on the SUSE Moblin open-source Linux operating system. The pair is showing the device at this week's CES event in Las Vegas.

Written by John Fontana08 Jan. 10 09:46

Microsoft SharePoint add-ons offer tantalizing system tweaks

SharePoint 2010 may be on Microsoft's immediate road map, but users churning away on the current 2007 platform can still juice their rollouts with a host of add-ons that make the existing version seem new again.

Written by John Fontana16 Dec. 09 08:34