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Stories by Owen Fletcher

Apple tweaks Wi-Fi in iPhone to use China protocol

Apple appears to have tweaked its iPhone to support a Chinese security protocol for wireless networks, as companies increasingly adopt Chinese government-backed technologies to break into the country's huge market.

Written by Owen Fletcher04 May 10 14:26

China warns against IBM slogan 'Smarter Planet'

A Chinese official appeared to take aim at IBM as he warned recently against "Smarter Planet" projects, or the use of technology like networks of sensors in cities to gather and analyze data.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 April 10 17:05

Lenovo reveals tweaked Android, app store for Lephone

Lenovo showed off a tweaked version of Google's Android operating system on its upcoming Lephone handset, as the company also launched an application download store for the phone and other products.

Written by Owen Fletcher20 April 10 06:18

Intel teams with China's Tencent on MeeGo mobile OS

Intel will team up with Chinese Internet company Tencent on development using the next generation of the MeeGo mobile operating system, Intel said Tuesday.

Written by Owen Fletcher14 April 10 06:23

Google still censoring porn for redirected Chinese users

Google is still censoring pornographic search results for users in China, even though they are now being redirected to a Google search engine that does not block sensitive political content.

Written by Owen Fletcher25 March 10 06:46

China: Google 'totally wrong' to stop censoring

Google was "totally wrong" to stop censoring results on its China-based search engine, Chinese state-controlled media cited a government official as saying early Tuesday.

Written by Owen Fletcher23 March 10 12:33

China state media cranks up Google tension amid speculation

State-controlled Chinese media accused Google of political motives in its threat to exit China, suggesting a hostile government stance as speculation grows that Google could act on a plan defying the country's regulations.

Written by Owen Fletcher22 March 10 20:05

Fake MacBook Air, 'big iPhone' tablet on show in China

A knock-off MacBook Air running Windows, a tablet computer shaped like a big iPhone and another tablet meant to rival Apple's iPad were all among the devices shown off by a small Chinese gadget maker on Thursday.

Written by Owen Fletcher19 March 10 07:57

Motorola to put Bing search on Android phones

Motorola will start loading Microsoft's search and map services onto its Android smartphones in China, bringing more non-Google services to the phones amid a row between Google and China.

Written by Owen Fletcher11 March 10 14:57

Twitter to begin screening some links for phishing

Twitter launched a new link-screening service on Tuesday aimed at preventing phishing and other malicious attacks against users of the popular microblogging service.

Written by Owen Fletcher11 March 10 06:09

Android largely unharmed in Google-China row

A mobile phone with Google's Android operating system that was delayed in China will now ship next week, in the latest sign that Android has gone largely unscathed by a row between Google and the Chinese government.

Written by Owen Fletcher08 March 10 07:57

Chinese schools deny role in Google hack

Two schools in China where computers were reportedly linked to cyberattacks on Google and other companies have denied involvement in the hack, Chinese state media said Sunday.

Written by Owen Fletcher22 Feb. 10 06:09