Stories by Martyn Williams

CEATEC: Sony develops single-lens 3D camera

Sony has developed a movie camera capable of shooting 3D images with a single lens and plans to unveil it at next week's Ceatec show in Tokyo.

Written by Martyn Williams01 Oct. 09 19:12

Panasonic shows robotic bed that becomes wheelchair

Panasonic has developed a robotic bed that transforms into a wheelchair at the command of the user. It's designed for people who have limited mobility and is intended to provide an extra level of independence.

Written by Martyn Williams02 Oct. 09 07:40

Panasonic shows prototype 3D plasma TV

Panasonic has unveiled a prototype 50-inch television and companion glasses that together give the viewer the illusion of three dimensions.

Written by Martyn Williams28 Sept. 09 14:02

Toshiba to detail Cell-based TV in early October

Toshiba will soon unveil its first television based on the Cell processor, the same multimedia chip that sits at the heart of the PlayStation 3 games console.

Written by Martyn Williams28 Sept. 09 08:28

Samsung's prototype remote control doubles as a mini TV

For TV addicts it could be the ultimate remote control: a 7-inch portable touchscreen that can not only control gadgets in the living room but also check out and what's playing on channels other than the one currently showing on the big screen.

Written by Martyn Williams07 Sept. 09 04:32 closes, says Twitter partly to blame

The link shortening service was shutdown by operator Nambu Network on Sunday after the company failed to find a buyer for the service.

Written by Martyn Williams10 Aug. 09 11:40

Driving Nissan's new electric car prototype

Nissan on Monday previewed its upcoming electric vehicle (EV) on Monday with the unveiling of its latest prototype and a new EV platform.

Written by Martyn Williams27 July 09 12:32

Nissan car monitors GPS for road dangers ahead

Most drivers have done it: misjudged a bend in the road and only realized they are travelling too fast when they start wrestling the wheel to stay safely in their lane. A new safety system developed by Nissan could put an end to such situations by warning drivers if they are approaching a curve too fast.

Written by Martyn Williams24 July 09 12:09

UK, not North Korea, source of DDOS attacks, researcher says

The U.K. was the likely source of a series of attacks last week that took down popular Web sites in the U.S. and South Korea, according to an analysis performed by a Vietnamese computer security analyst.

Written by Martyn Williams14 July 09 15:02

Nissan packs latest auto-tech into new Skyline

Nissan's latest Skyline Crossover went on sale Monday in Japan packed with some of the company's most advanced automotive electronics technology. The sensors and computer systems in the car should make driving safer and parking easier.

Written by Martyn Williams14 July 09 04:04