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Stories by Peter Sayer

EU wants more complaints about Privacy Shield deal with US

European Union officials want more people to complain about Privacy Shield, the exemption to European Union data protection law that allows businesses to export personal information to the U.S. for processing.

Written by Peter Sayer19 Oct. 17 02:37

Facebook tests stand-alone Workplace Chat app

The social network has quietly published a standalone Workplace Chat app to complement its existing browser-based Workplace enterprise networking service.

Written by Peter Sayer06 Oct. 17 23:19

EU wants all online businesses to pay their taxes

Corporations can escape death for as long as they make a profit -- but they still have to pay their taxes, the European Commission has ruled in two cases involving Apple and Amazon.com. At the same time, the Commission has unveiled reforms to the way value-added tax (VAT) is collected that will affect businesses selling online across the EU.

Written by Peter Sayer05 Oct. 17 01:17

Sigfox shows 20-cent IoT wireless module

What if every package shipped contained a $0.20 tracker chip that could report when and approximately where the package was opened?

Written by Peter Sayer26 Sept. 17 19:50

SAP wants to embrace all your data stores with Data Hub

If data warehouses are for tidiness freaks -- information packaged into neat inferences, sorted and stacked, the rest discarded -- and data lakes are for hoarders -- tip everything in, you never know what might be useful -- then SAP's new Data Hub may be for the rest of us.

Written by Peter Sayer26 Sept. 17 05:11

Imagination wants to add intelligence to smartphone chips

Specialized hardware needed to accelerate machine learning algorithms is moving out of the data center and into high-end mobile phones. Soon it could be in everyone's pocket, if chip designer Imagination Technologies has its way.

Written by Peter Sayer21 Sept. 17 21:44

Here's how to fix the future of the internet, suggests ISOC

From smart but sulky light bulbs to the Chisnovian data blockade, ISOC has imagined how the future of the internet might take a wrong turn, and makes recommendations for how we can set things right.

Written by Peter Sayer19 Sept. 17 07:13

Google invites private networks into its cloud

Google is offering enterprises a new way to build hybrid infrastructure, with a service that extends corporate networks into its cloud platform.

Written by Peter Sayer08 Sept. 17 04:43