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Stories by Peter Sayer

Networks will offer 48/7 service by 2013, says Cisco

Forget 24/7 availability: By 2013, telecommunications operators will deliver at least 48 hours of Internet connectivity to their customers, every day of the week, according to a study by Cisco Systems.

Written by Peter Sayer10 June 09 04:05

Cheerleader for new domain names defends ICANN plan

Plans to introduce new top-level Internet domains will not force trademark owners to make defensive registrations to protect their brands, according to two reports published by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) on Saturday.

Written by Peter Sayer09 June 09 04:23

SAP first quarter earnings drop 16 percent

SAP reported first quarter net income down 16 percent year on year, and revenue down 3 percent, as customers remain reluctant to spend on new software.

Written by Peter Sayer30 April 09 05:52

Jaspersoft version 3.5 adds in-memory analysis to BI tool

Jaspersoft is adding integrated in-memory analysis functions and SaaS capabilities to Version 3.5 of its BI tool, released on Wednesday. The move opens the way for application service providers to use it to offer hosted BI services.

Written by Peter Sayer02 April 09 07:58

French e-voting study highlights hidden costs

Electoral districts opting to use electronic voting machines face significant costs, some hidden, according to a new report from the French Internet Rights Forum.

Written by Peter Sayer20 Dec. 07 08:13

Danish gov't can save by using Open Office, says study

The Danish government could save around 125 million Danish krone (AUD$28.5 million) over the next five years if it adopted the OpenOffice.org productivity software instead of upgrading to Microsoft's Office 2007 suite. Doing nothing could save it even more, according to a study by consultancy Rambøll Management A/S.

Written by Peter Sayer05 Oct. 06 08:03

French government to test open source on the desktop

The French government will install open source software on the desktop as part of Project ADELE, a plan to computerize much of the country's administration by 2007, a government official said Wednesday.

Written by Peter Sayer12 Feb. 04 07:45